Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing

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Man: So multi-level marketing…
Woman: That is right.
Man: So what exactly is that?
Woman: Oh just. You can go into the website. There are just thousands. It is like I introduce two people. Two people introduce two people. And so there are tiers to this marketing.
Man: Like Amway?
Woman: Network marketing or multi-level marketing. Yeah.
Man: Tupperware and Amway. Are they examples?
Woman: They are good examples. Yeah. They are in the same category.
Man: How did you get involved in it?
Woman: A very good friend of ours introduced us to it when my husband and I came to the Gold Coast.
Man: M-hm.
Woman: We were approached by this couple who became friends and we were introduced by friends, which is the deceptive element in multi-level marketing because very often they recruit friends and because they are your friends you naturally assume…
Man: That they are ok.
Woman: Yeah… have your interests at heart. Unbeknownst to us our friends although they are good business people they themselves were quite inexperienced in this particular business so they actually without meaning to misled us.
Man: Right. Ok. And what product initially..?
Woman: Well this company is called Omega trend and it is a sort of a replica of Amway.
Man: Right.
Woman: And so they started with cleaning products and…
Man: They broke away from Amway?
Woman: Yeah. They actually are a breakaway from Amway though they didn’t like people to know that because of Amway’s rep.
Man: Amway has a bad rep?
Woman: Incredibly bad rep so that Amway had to change its name that many times to disguise its…
Man: Past.
Woman: Yeah past or…
Man: I thought Amway like…I have that heard it is expensive but the products are quite good.
Woman: Actually that is what most people say and I think there is something to be said for quality. I think it is quite good quality but the fact is there is a high profit margin so I think it is inherently unethical and they pump up the price and they have to because the different tiers of people have to make their profit along the way, to me, for me, I think it is unethical.
Man: And you felt you got burned? You felt like deceived. You weren’t happy with your experience?
Woman: I felt, yeah….

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  8. Mary Griffin says:

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  9. Adam Moore says:

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  11. charming says:

    hello.this is very interesting text.i uderstant half not.why?

  12. Miguel says:

    The text doesn´t match totally with the audio

  13. David Begum says:

    Network Marketing is a very good way to promote your products in a short period of time.:*”

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  15. FUENTES says:

    Thanks first of all for having poeple doing this kind of site. This is what we ESL instructors, students need… people who want to colaborate in the glabal learning. Personaly I appreciate all different kind of listening they are improving my listening comprehension and culturally as well. Very well done.

  16. Cooper says:

    i like this recording so much, too. equally have played it for so many times :DD
    but i found there’s some words missing :(. and i found that the woman said ‘pop up the price’ there, but ‘pump up the price’ which is written on the transcript. i’m not sure about that. maybe i’m wrong. hope somebody could give me a hand. 🙂
    thank you very much in advance!

  17. laila gutierritos says:

    i love you jorge aElejandrto

  18. laila gutierritos says:


  19. Faisal Dumas says: listening the conversation I could improved my english in listening. bu t i stilll needs to leaern more

  20. mytha says:

    Thank’s Lord….!! i can find this program…. this conversations is helpful….to increase my ability in English..esp for listening….I LOVE this program

  21. caroline says:

    oh my goodness i need learn more more english,, and this conversations help me so much….i’m feel so good for finding this program!!!! eeeeeee!!!

  22. apc33 says:

    Hi ibofb….

    The purpose of the recordings in the “Real Conversations” category on this site is to simply present conversations in their raw form with their transcripts. One of the problems with many of the recordings made for ESL learners is that they are contrived in the form of a script, rendering them inauthentic when “read” into a mic. They end up too polished and clean, and don’t always reflect how language is actually used. And part of a “real conversation” is that it contains people’s opinions. That’s what makes it so interesting!

    If you explore the conversations on this site, you will find a range of differing opinions on a wide variety of subjects from the people we record. And when you find strong opinions, it stimulates further conversation (like what is happening between you and I right now), getting learners to use English to convey their own opinions and thoughts. It this sense, the recording is a key, opening up a door into a world of dialog and discussion. This is how we all come to a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and the entire world. It expands our awareness.

    As you know, reality is multi-faceted. To understand anything, you need to see it from multiple perspectives. If you were here now, I would gladly record you talking about your own experiences with Amway and the benefits it has given you and others. Then people could understand the topic more fully.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  23. ibofb says:

    Oh good grief … I’ve taught EASL in the past and I just realised with utter disgust that you’re using a conversation bad-mouthing a company, by someone who worked with a competitor of that company, to teach english!

    Incredibly unprofessional. You may want to review – Amway’s Awards and Recognitions rather than mislead your students.


  24. ibofb says:

    ummm … Amway has never “changed its name”, let alone “so many times”. In the US in 1999 they launched a sister company called Quixtar that was so successful they merged Amway North America into it a few years later. A few years after that they renamed Quixtar, Amway.

  25. Muhammad Anwar says:

    I like english movies very much but my listning power was very weak and i was not able to understand the conversation but now I am able to understand the conversation by listning real conversation.

    I am thankful to you

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