You Look Japanese

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(the sound of a passing vikram)

Mark: Ok so I am just sitting at a cafe in New Delhi and I am sitting next to two people. What is your name?
French Guy: Jeremy. My name is Jeremy.
Mark: Jeremy. I am Mark . Hi.
French Guy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: You too. Where are you from Jeremy?
French Guy: From Paris.
Mark: From Paris.
French Guy: Yes.
Mark: And you grew up in Paris? You were born there?
French Guy: Near Paris.
Mark: Uh-huh.
French Guy: (French)
Mark: But you look Japanese . You are not Japanese?
French Guy: I am not Japanese. (French). I am Vietnamese.
Mark: Vietnamese? Ok. So your parents were Vietnamese but you were born in France?
French Guy: Yes. Yes.
Mark: Have you been to Vietnam?
French Guy: Just one time.
Mark: Just one time?
French Guy: Yes.
Mark: And you don’t speak the language?
French Guy: Just a few words.
Mark: Ah Ok. Was it difficult traveling there? Being Vietnamese. Being ethnically Vietnamese and not speaking? Was it strange?
French Guy: Yes a little but
Mark: How do you say…?
Jeremy: : Can you repeat?
Woman: Can you repeat?