You Look Japanese

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(the sound of a passing vikram)

Mark: Ok so I am just sitting at a cafe in New Delhi and I am sitting next to two people. What is your name?
French Guy: Jeremy. My name is Jeremy.
Mark: Jeremy. I am Mark . Hi.
French Guy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: You too. Where are you from Jeremy?
French Guy: From Paris.
Mark: From Paris.
French Guy: Yes.
Mark: And you grew up in Paris? You were born there?
French Guy: Near Paris.
Mark: Uh-huh.
French Guy: (French)
Mark: But you look Japanese . You are not Japanese?
French Guy: I am not Japanese. (French). I am Vietnamese.
Mark: Vietnamese? Ok. So your parents were Vietnamese but you were born in France?
French Guy: Yes. Yes.
Mark: Have you been to Vietnam?
French Guy: Just one time.
Mark: Just one time?
French Guy: Yes.
Mark: And you don’t speak the language?
French Guy: Just a few words.
Mark: Ah Ok. Was it difficult traveling there? Being Vietnamese. Being ethnically Vietnamese and not speaking? Was it strange?
French Guy: Yes a little but
Mark: How do you say…?
Jeremy: : Can you repeat?
Woman: Can you repeat?

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  1. animeotaku27 says:


  2. nDul says:

    Thank’s for the audio, it help me to increase my spoken ability..

  3. ojieea says:

    u know study in this website really help me,, because before this i studied English in high school from form 1-6 but still now i cant speak in English very well that’s the problem.. why because i realize now that the school method of learning English is only focus more in formal conversation with text book..its not really helpful to improve my speaking in daily conversation.. so thanks a lot to Mark and Aaron because here i can hear the real English conversation that will help me to more relax while speak English..

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