How does India compare to Australia?

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Mark talked with a veteran of World War Two about his experiences in India

Neil: But the countryside was very much like Australia; barren and open and no water.
Mark: When were you there? What year?
Neil: Oh, that was during the war, about 1943 or ’44.
Mark: Did you…?
Neil: (coughs) Did I what?
Mark: Did you fly there or take a ship?
Neil: No, I was in the air force. Flying.
Mark: Where did you go? Calcutta?
Neil: Everywhere in India: Bombay, Delhi, Colombo. All over the place. Flying all the time.
Mark: 1943. What (for) a couple of years or…?
Neil: I was there for a year and a half.
Mark: Where did you go then?
Neil: Ahm…I think I came back to Australia. Yeah, I left Calcutta by boat at the end of the war…
Mark: Yeah.
Neil: And came back here.
Mark: I went there last year.
Neil: Oh yeah. What is it like? Very populated?
Mark: Now, it is getting rich.
Neil: Really?