A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 25 – A Nepalese Rhino

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Rhino Eye
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Mark: Well here I am. I am sitting in the back of a stretch limousine and I am driving along. I am driving down the streets of Mosquito City with the richest man in Mosquito City sitting next to me. Mr Peter Bestluck. Pete! You like Rhinos?
Pete: I don’t know about “like”. Did you say “like” or “love”?
Mark: Well, tell us about rhinos…You ah…
Pete: I got some stories. The first time I came across rhinos was in Chittawan National Park in Nepal.
Mark: In Nepal?
Pete: After doing a trek in the Himalayas.
Mark: Chittawan?
Pete: Chittawan.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pete: And it is famous for its about four hundred, five hundred rhinos. And when you see…Have you ever seen a live rhino without bars?
Mark: No, I have only seen a rhino in the zoo; in Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney.
Peter: Well you know..? Have you ever seen the film, Jurassic Park?
Mark: Yes, I have.
Pete: Well just imagine walking into Jurassic park because these rhinos are like dinosaurs.
Mark: Right.
Pete: And they are very temperamental.
Mark: Right. And they are big. This is the Mosquito City Rhino? No, you’re talking about the Nepalese rhino.
Pete: The Nepalese rhino.
Mark: Right. Okay.
Pete: And, yeah, they are very dangerous.
Mark: One chased me and I had to … sort of … climb a tree.
Mark: Right. Ok.
Pete: And I was up that tree for about twenty minutes while it grazed below me.