Federal Taxes

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First Guy: Prohibition; it started many gangs you know? Irish gangs. Italian gangs. You know what I mean? In New York and Detroit and Chicago and all he big cities. And they were all pushing beer and they were driving up into Canada and bringing whiskey down from Canada because it was legal in Canada. And. You know? Created a lot of crime. Ok? And it was like one gang would go into a place and say “you have to buy your beer and whiskey from my gang” and they would buy it from his gang and then the next week another gang would go in there and the people were scared!
Second Guy: Mm.
First Guy: Ok? And some people had actually been murdered and their shops were blown up and so all it does…all it does…these stupid laws create more problems than what they were designed to do. And I firmly believe that if they took a look at some of the drug laws that we have. And I am not saying that they got…they should …you know…make every drug legal. But you know… some drugs should be legal… like… you take marijuana … you know which has already been proven that it is good for people with glaucoma. It increases the appetites in people in hospice who are dying from cancer so there is benefits to many drugs.
Second Guy: Yeah.
First Guy: And I think they should stop and get off this stupid idea…you know what I mean?..that it is going to promote …you know…more crime..actually drugs promote crime being illegal. It doesn’t promote crime if it was legal because it would take the profit out of it by being legal.
Second Guy: Yeah.
First Guy: And that is pretty much what it comes down to and I cannot prove this but it is firmly my belief that my own government, the United States government is involved in drugs to bring in enough money to fund the CIA’s covert operations to run and destroy governments around the world who do not play ball.
Second Guy: I believe that too.
First Guy: You know? That’s it. And I believe we have a government behind the government.
Second Guy: You know like…Have you ever heard of a website called LEAP L-E-A-P. “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” and its narcotics agents, lawyers; like all people who worked in the war on drugs
Third Guy: I agree with you. I agree with you.
Fourth Guy: It is a major industry. Lot of money involved.
Third Guy: I don’t think they should have prohibition. I think you should be able to buy your heroin right next to your alcohol and whatnot. Absolutely.
Fourth Guy: With large federal taxes. They should tax hell out of it.
Third Guy: I totally agree. Totally agree. You know? I just think it should be treated as …addiction to drugs should be treated as (a mental illness?) problem.
Second Guy: As a medical problem. Yeah. It’s a medical problem.
Fourth Guy: It’s an income creation problem.
First Guy: Let me just say this. Let me say this. Ok. If you stop…and my first feeling is number one we gotta get churches, synagogues, mosques ; all religions…organized religions out of politics. Ok? They don’t belong in there.
Fourth Guy: Well they are out of politics. But they aren’t. Legally they are not allowed to be in politics.
First Guy: Yeah but they have so much influence.
Fourth Guy: I know. They won’t stay out.
First Guy: And this is the problem because they want to inflict their philosophy and their ideals and their morality on me and you and everybody else and I don’t want these people’s morality on me. I know what is best for me. I know what I have to do. I am big boy now. Ok?