A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 26 – on the Golf course

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Mark: Ok. So here I am. I am on the golf course at Mosquito City. I have got the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other. I have just had a game of golf.
Peter: That was a great game , Mark.
Mark: That was a great game. Peter. Yeah.
Peter: Wonderful.
Mark: I have just had a game of golf with Peter Bestluck, the richest man in Mosquito City, who is also a rhino lover and the man who funded the Mosquito City Rhino Park, part of the international effort to save the rhino. And Peter, I am going to put you on the spot here. I am going to ask you a difficult question.
Peter: Ok. Fire ahead.
Mark: You told me last week that you…yesterday… not last week… yesterday… that you had purchased a fleet of new jet liners for the Mosquito City Airline Company, which you have just purchased.
Peter: You have your facts right.
Mark: And you are going to enlarge the airport…
Peter: That is right.
Mark: You are going to expand the airport facilities if you can get government funding.
Peter: We will get government funding. In fact I fund…
Mark: Government approval.
Peter: Oh government approval. Oh. Yes.
Mark: Now what I am going to ask you about is the environmental question. Now in this day of climate change, global warming, it is fairly generally accepted that burning fossil fuels causes global warming, pollution and it is changing our environment. How do you feel about that problem?
Peter: Everything in Mosquito City and the surroundings is run on clean power.
Mark: Really?
Peter: Yep. That is right. Hydrogen-powered.
Mark: Hydrogen-powered?
Peter: Yeah. So. Yeah. Right. We considered this a long time ago and … well… we didn’t have to introduce anything. It was already here. That kind of mentality.
Mark: Right. So you…you … you are expanding the airline and you (have) bought a whole new fleet of jets but you are not causing pollution
Peter: That is correct.
Mark: Your carbon footprint is almost nothing.
Peter: Absolutely.
Mark: Wow! … Wow! That is a clean system.
Peter: A very clean system.

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