A Helicopter, a Boat or an Aeroplane


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Red Boat - Venice
at MorBCN

(the sound of a child crying out)

Father: What did you say?
Child: (???)
Father: What does that mean?… Can you hear the boat?
Daughter: Yes. (hesitantly)
Father: I can hear the boat too.
Daughter: It is like an aeroplane.
Father: Yes. It sounds like an aeroplane. It is an engine. It sounds a bit like a helicopter, doesn’t it?
Daughter: What about “aeroplane”?
Father: Or an aeroplane. A helicopter or an aeroplane. It sounds a bit like a helicopter or an aeroplane, but it’s a boat. Can you see it? Go and have a look. Can you see it?

(the sound of a sneeze)

Father: Did you sneeze?… Can you see it?
Daughter: I want to go and play in the water.
Father: Now?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Ok. Let’s go and play in the water.
(unintelligible childish sound)
Father: Shall we go now? Shall we go and play in the water now?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Let’s go.