A Helicopter, a Boat or an Aeroplane


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Red Boat - Venice
at MorBCN

(the sound of a child crying out)

Father: What did you say?
Child: (???)
Father: What does that mean?… Can you hear the boat?
Daughter: Yes. (hesitantly)
Father: I can hear the boat too.
Daughter: It is like an aeroplane.
Father: Yes. It sounds like an aeroplane. It is an engine. It sounds a bit like a helicopter, doesn’t it?
Daughter: What about “aeroplane”?
Father: Or an aeroplane. A helicopter or an aeroplane. It sounds a bit like a helicopter or an aeroplane, but it’s a boat. Can you see it? Go and have a look. Can you see it?

(the sound of a sneeze)

Father: Did you sneeze?… Can you see it?
Daughter: I want to go and play in the water.
Father: Now?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Ok. Let’s go and play in the water.
(unintelligible childish sound)
Father: Shall we go now? Shall we go and play in the water now?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Let’s go.

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  1. romanito says:

    the conversation is very nice

  2. revathy says:

    this conversation is very sweet .it is very useful to the english speaking begginers like me

  3. shaziya says:


    can i join this program?

  4. quy says:

    this conversation is very useful for me to improve my listening skill. thank you so much!

  5. Anusha says:

    It is very good conversation.I heared it


  6. selma says:

    the above conversation between a father and a child, it is very nice and very sweet to our ears and mind too. i think i’ve heard the above one around 10 times. i’d like to listen this one again and again and again. because it’s very much impressive and very simple too.

  7. CAO HUU TU says:

    I from Viet Nam and
    I new start learn english! i think englishconversation.org very my useful. Thank you very much!!

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