A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 27 – Calling the University

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Phone Booth
at M J M

Receptionist: Mosquito City University. Engineering Faculty.
Journalist: Hello. My name is Mark is Mark White. I am a journalist for the Mosquito City Herald and I am working on a story about the hydrogen engine. I was wondering if there was somebody there who I could come along and talk to about that?
Receptionist: Nobody is here right now. But if you come in tomorrow Professor Trafalgar should be here.
Journalist: Ok. Thanks very much. Where should I go to find him?
Receptionist: Oh just go straight to the HEF.
Journalist: HEF? What does that stand for?
Receptionist: Hydrogen Engine Facility.
Journalist: Ok. Well. Ok so I will go along there tomorrow afternoon and find Professor Trafalgar at the Hydrogen Engine Facility.
Receptionist: Yeah. Somebody will take care of you over there.
Journalist: Ok. Thanks very much for your help.
Receptionist: You are welcome. Goodbye.
Journalist: Bye.
Receptionist: Take it easy.