Bilingual – English, French, Spanish and Italian – 1

Download audio file (3latinlangs.mp3) Use this post to compare three romance languages: What are you doing? French Spanish Italian I am reading a book. French Spanish Italian Which book? (French) (Spanish) (Italian) It’s a book about history. (French) (Spanish) (Italian) What kind of history? (French) (Spanish) (Italian) The history of […] Read more »

A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 29 – A Medieval Castle

Have you ever been inside a medieval castle? In this episode, Mark visits Peter Bestluck in his own castle outside the city. Read more »

Easy English 100 – Grammar is Music

Download audio file (grammar is music.mp3) at M J M I think grammar is beautiful. I think grammar is beautiful. I think it’s beautiful. Grammar is music. Music. Words are music. Music. Everything has music. I was watching television. I saw a programme I saw a programme about a Finnish […] Read more »