A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 29 – A Medieval Castle

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Mark: Ok well here I am. I am still in Mosquito City. I have been here about a week now. I have got a job and I have become a good friend of the richest man in town. He is a great guy: Peter Bestluck and Peter has a castle just outside town and I am…he has invited me out for lunch. I have just got here. I have taken a taxi. It is quite expensive but I am making so much money in my new job (that) I don’t care. Well here is Peter’s castle. Well, here we are. I am going to go inside. Hello Peter
Peter: Hello Mark. Welcome to one of my homes.
Mark: Oh thanks. How are you?
Peter: I am feeling great. Do you like the castle?
Mark: Yeah it is beautiful. It is lovely.
Peter: It is great, isn’t it?
Mark: How old is it?
Peter: Oh it is medieval.
Mark: Right.
Peter: Hundreds of years old.
Mark: Right. Ok.
Peter: It has got an extraordinary history.
Mark: Right! Wow! Tell us about the castle.
Peter: Well, let’s pop up. I have got somebody waiting to meet you. I told her …I told her about you.
Mark: Oh! Who is she?
Peter: She is my very younger sister.
Mark: You are going to introduce me to…
Peter: There is about ten years between us as far as age is concerned.
Mark: You are going to introduce me to your sister?
Peter: Yeah. I am going to introduce you.
Mark: I would love to meet her.
Peter: She would make a very good guide.