A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 30 – Meeting People

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Mark: Ok. Well here I am. I am standing on the balcony of Sphinx Castle. Peter Bestluck’s castle and…Peter…
Peter: Mark, what do you think of the view? Isn’t it absolutely extraordinary?
Mark: It’s lovely. I can see Brooklyn over there.
Peter: Panoramic view.
Mark: Yes. Mt Sphinx behind us.
Peter: That’s right and you can see the kind of tropical rain forest over there to your left.
Mark: Yeah, and behind us the Mosquito City Trade Towers.
Peter: That’s right.
Mark: Yeah. Where your office is.
Peter: Anyway let me just interrupt for a minute. I’ve got somebody…you may have noticed another person on the balcony.
Mark: Oh and who is this?
Peter: I think I told you about her?
Mark: Your sister?
Peter: My sister.
Mark: Please introduce me.
Peter: Come over here. This is Stephanie.
Mark: Hello Stephanie. My name is Mark.
Stephanie: Hello how are you?
Mark: Nice to meet you.
Stephanie: Are you having a good time?
Mark: I am having a great time.
Stephanie: Oh that is so wonderful. Well what can I say? It is so wonderful to have you here. My brother has been telling me so much about you.
Mark: Really?
Stephanie: Are you having a good time?
Mark: I am really having a good time.
Stephanie: What are you doing?
Mark: Well, I have got this great new job and I have made friends with Peter and he has shown me all these wonderful places and I have met all these friendly people and there is fresh food and the air is so fresh and Peter tells me there is no pollution here and I went to the university and I interviewed a doctor there and… building the hydrogen engine … This is a fantastic country. I wish all countries were like this.
Stephanie: I can see you are going to have a good time. You have only been here for a very short time, haven’t you?
Mark: Yes. Yes.
Stephanie: How long is it?
Mark: It is only a week now.
Stephanie: Only a week?
Mark: Only a week. But I think I am going to stay here forever.
Stephanie: Oh really?
Mark: Yeah.
Stephanie: Oh. That is fantastic because I would love to take you around…
Mark: Oh that would be great.
Stephanie: …the island.
Mark: That would be great. What do you do anyway? Do you? Do you have a regular job?
Stephanie: I do want I want.
Mark: Or are you a student or…?
Stephanie: I am student…all my life.
Mark: Right.
Stephanie: A student of life.
Mark: I suppose you are from a wealthy family. You don’t really have to work. So you just spend your time studying.
Stephanie: Well we do many things but it is all because we want to do them.
Mark: Right. Right. I came from a poor family and I had to work hard to make a living but since I came to Mosquito City, life is so easy.
Stephanie: You must be very strong to have that sort of history.
Mark: Well I mean … I say “poor family” My family wasn’t that poor . Like I…You know…I…There is a lot of poverty in the world. I wasn’t really poor like in some places.
Stephanie: You look very very healthy.
Mark: Thank you. You look fairly healthy yourself.
Stephanie: And also you look very very strong.
Mark: You are making me blush.
Stephanie: Oh! I am so sorry. Would you like a glass of wine?