A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 31 – The Cry

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Mark: Ok so I am sitting in the back of my friend Peter’s limousine and we are driving back from his castle; Mt Sphinx Castle. We are just driving through the streets of the old heritage village; Mt Sphinx Heritage Village. Peter is giving me a lift home. It was really nice to meet your sister today, Peter.
Peter: I have just been on the phone to Stephanie and she thinks you are a very very special guy.
Mark: Really?
Peter: Mm. That’s right.
Mark: I thought she was really nice too.
Peter: Oh fantastic! I am so glad to hear it. I thought there was some sort of chemistry when I watched you talking.
Mark: Yeah. She is a very very nice person. Very calm and gentle. Interesting too.
Peter: She is. She is a great person.
Mark: Everybody is nice here. This is such a great place. I am just so happy to be alive.
Peter: mm.
Mark: I do have a bit of a problem though.
Peter: What is that?
Mark: Well not really a problem but you know how when I came here I got some free accommodation in the hotel? And I have to leave the hotel and get my own place so I need a place to live so I have to think about finding a room or an apartment or a house or somewhere. I have got a pretty good job so I might rent a house. What is Brooklyn like? Is that a nice place to live?
Peter: Brooklyn is pretty good. Yeah.
Mark: Some people live in Mt Sphinx. Some people live in Brooklyn.
Peter: Well look! I tell you what. You see that jungle over there?
Mark: Yeah.
Peter: There is a banana leaf hut. You can rent that.
Mark: I…I…
Peter: I am only joking. Look. I have got another castle very close to mine. You can just use it. It’s empty anyway. I mean there’s servants and there is a swimming pool.
Mark: Oh Peter that is very kind of you but really I have got to get my own place I mean you are very generous.
Peter: Do you like a sauna in the mornings?
Mark: Yes, I do.
Peter: And you like breakfast cooked exactly the way you want it?
Mark: Yes, I do.
Peter: Ok and do you like clean sheets on your bed?
Mark: Yes. Yes I do?
Peter: And do you like the most exquisite garden to walk in in the mornings?
Mark: I do like exquisite gardens.
Peter: And do you like a motor launch to use at any time you want?
Mark: A hydrogen powered motor launch?! A totally clean…?
Peter: Of course. Well think about it anyway. You know? Where are you gonna move now, if you are not gonna…?
Mark: You are too kind. This is too much. I am embarrassed Peter. You have been so kind to me. Everybody has been so good to me since I got here. I…This is just too much. You are so kind. Really. I am overwhelmed.


Peter: Come on.
Mark: It is so beautiful.
Peter: Mark, you are such a great guy. You are having a little…it is like almost therapy, isn’t it? You know? Mosquito Bay is like therapy, isn’t it? Just take a seat on the sofa and relax and cry with happiness.
Mark: Everybody has been so kind to me since I came here.
Peter: Cry with happiness! Because you are now…
Mark: Life is so good. Life is so good!

(hysterical laughing)