A New Life in Mosquito City – part 32 – Is everything ok?

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Mark: Ok. It’s Monday morning and I have to go to work. Ok. I am going to walk to work. Ok. It is not very far. Ok. Here we are. Here we are. The Mosquito Herald. Ok. I am going in to work now I am just walking inside and there is my boss. Hi Frank!
Frank: Hi Mark. How are you doing? Walk in. How was it?
Mark: Sorry?
Frank: How was the interview?
Mark: With Peter?
Frank: Yes. Of course. With Peter?
Mark: Great. Great.
Peter: Oh. Great.
Mark: I have written a couple of pieces. You didn’t get those emails? Did you get those emails?
Yeah, we did. We did. We did. I haven’t opened them yet.
Mark: Good. Good.
Frank: I’ll open them now.
Mark: Ok. Frank?
Frank: Yeah?
Mark: Do you mind if I ask you you a question?
Frank: Go ahead.
Mark: I need a place to live and I am like…Brooklyn…I was thinking of moving into Brooklyn. How do you find a place to live in Mosquito City. Like ah…?
Frank: You couldn’t have thought of a better place than Brooklyn to live
Mark: Yeah?
Frank: Do you like… But there again it is very arty. Do you like art and music?
Mark: Yes, I do.
Frank: Oh it is buzzing with art and music.
Mark: Everybody likes art and music.
Frank: Oh yeah. The cafes. Beaming with amazing sounds. You know?
Mark: Right? Ok. Ok. So you are talking like a studio apartment… atelier type thing?
Frank: Yeah. Yeah. There are some great ones. In fact I have one.
Mark: You live down in Brooklyn?
Frank: I know you want to sort things out yourself. You know…You are an adult. But I have a perfect place in Brooklyn.
Mark: Really?
Frank: And it is empty.
Mark: Really?
Frank: It is empty. It is extraordinary.
Mark: It is your place or…?
Frank: Of course.
Mark: It is your place?
Frank: I own half of Brooklyn.
Mark: You own half of Brooklyn?
Frank: I am the richest man here. You know? I mean… I don’t want to sound deceitful…
Mark: Richer than Peter Bestluck?
Frank: What is the word? Conceited. That is the word?
Mark: Richer than Peter Bestluck?
Frank: Oh! (laughs)
Mark: Hang on a minute! Peter! Frank! Frank! Peter! It’s you! Frank, you are Peter! Peter, you are Frank! Oh my god! Peter Bestluck! You are Frank. Frank, you are Peter Bestluck!
Frank: Hang on! Hang on! My goodness. I just had this strange dream. I lost my consciousness. Is everything ok? Sorry take a seat. I will make you a cup of tea.

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