A New Life in Mosquito City – part 33 – The Dream

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Massa Lubrense and Vesuvio - Italy
at MorBCN

Mark: Ok. Well. I have been here for a couple of weeks now. In Mosquito City. And I have got a job and I have made friends with the richest man in town: Peter Bestluck, and I have met his sister and I am making a lot of friends and I am having a great time. This is a really great place. But something is kind of weird…. like…. I just went to work today and I was talking to my boss, Frank, about finding a place to live down in Brooklyn and he started to talk to me and suddenly he shimmered and changed shape and he turned into Peter and he turned back into Frank and he turned into Peter again. Is it you Peter, or is it Frank? What is going on here? Are you Frank or Peter?
Frank: Nh…
Mark: Are you ok? Are you ok?
Frank: Well ahm..
Mark: Are you ok?

(the sound of slapping)

Mark: I am just slapping him here. I am trying to get him to like…wake up.…Are you ok?

(the sound of slapping)

Frank: Well. ham …ah well ahm… ah… Hey Mark! How are you doing?
Mark: I am doing…
Frank: What is the problem?
Mark: No problem. No problem.
Frank: Take a seat. You know? Relax. I will tell you one thing because I am aware of what may be happening. I am aware you are having strange…there is a strange contradiction, isn’t there?
Mark: Something is funny here. Peter? Is it Peter or Frank?
Frank: Well. This is a very strange place. Quite a few, what I would say are magical things, happen here.
Mark: You mean… some people are other people?
Frank: No, it may seem like that but it is not quite…
Mark: Who am I talking to? Are you Peter or Frank?
Stephanie: No, I am Stephanie.
Mark: Stephanie! Stephanie! it is you! Stephanie!
Stephanie: You have just woken up from a very strange dream. If you get out of bed and walk around you might feel better.
Mark: Ok. It is ME! I am the one who is dreaming. That is what it is. I am the one who is dreaming.
Stephanie: If you just take a walk out and see the beautiful sea…
Mark: Now. Ok. Stephanie. Oh Stephanie!

(the sound of an alarm)

Mark: It is you! It is all a dream but I wish it was real. Oh it is Monday morning. I have to go to work!