A New Life in Mosquito City – part 34 – A Dream or Reality?

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Mark: Hello there Brad. How are you?
Brad: Just a moment there.
Mark: What are you eating there?
Brad: I am eating this delicious apple.
Mark: Wow!
Brad: Sorry about this.
Mark: That is all right.
Brad: It is a very special apple. It is a …Mosquito Bay apple… Mosquito City apple.
Mark: Right. Ok. How are you today?
Brad: I feel great. How about yourself?
Mark: I feel ok. I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed that Frank… that my boss Frank was my friend Peter
Brad: That is right. I know who you are talking about.
Mark: And Peter was Frank and Peter’s sister, Stephanie was Peter..was Frank. It was kind of strange.
Brad: What do you mean? What are you talking about? A dream or reality?
Mark: Yeah I had a dream where everybody was everybody else.
Brad: Well that happens to me all the time. I have so many absolutely strange dreams. But the thing is with the strange dreams…how do you feel? How does it make you feel?
Mark: After your dream?
Brad: Yeah. After your dream.
Mark: Right ok.
Brad: How does it make you feel?
Mark: That is the important thing?
Brad: Well for me it is.
Mark: Right Ok.
Brad: And for you if you stay in Mosquito Bay, it will become.
Mark: Calm?
Brad: Become.
Mark: It’ll become?
Brad: It’ll become. Yeah.
Mark: Become? Become calm? Become calm.
Brad: Oh definitely. Calm.
Mark: I want to be calm.
Brad: You will be calm.
Mark: Oh my god! I have got to get to work. It is Monday morning. See you later, Brad.
Brad: Have a nice day.
Mark: You too mate.
Brad: (?)

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  1. donpol says:

    wow i have realy enjoyed this part of english conversations. Fantastic, I really love it

  2. greeny bufly says:

    what is brad eating?
    what did brad say about the apple he is eating?
    what kindd of dream did brad have last night?
    what did he dream about?
    to whom did mark talking about the dream which he had last nighy?

  3. neebi says:

    hello i am neebi i want friend here to sepak english for patices

  4. says Judit

    Hello I understand clear everything and easy, I appreciated everything, I hope in the future a can speak good English

  5. dareen says:

    hello,it’s very good thing to understand this conversation easily

    i hope i can speak like this one day.

  6. sanjay says:

    hi friend how are you and hello mera name sanay patel he or mere ko english thoda thoda aata he to help mere liye me english shikh ke aachh job karna chahta hu me 12 pass hu or mene besic computer class bhi kiya he lekin mere ko jiyada english nahi aata eshi liye muje aachha job bhi nahi milpata to plz meri hepl karna me aapka aabhari rahu ga

  7. amjad says:

    its fantastec leson i heared it and i beneffet from ther

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