Three Accents – Australian, English, American – 1

[audio:three accents1.mp3]
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Listen to these three accents: Australian, English and American.

I don’t have any money.

I have to go to the bank.

Where is the bank?

I don’t know.

Do you know?

Yes, I do.

There is a bank over there.

Thanks very much.

Link to the Story of the Central Bank

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15 Responses to “Three Accents – Australian, English, American – 1”

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  1. Abba says:

    hello how are you for every body my opinion i am thought America and British more easy accent from Australia because Australian language have much silent’s words i am live here in Australia from 11 years and still i feeling this accent not easy and still i am study English Course to be interpret but i am feeling it not easy with my wish for every one improve his or her English

  2. Marcuz says:

    American is better than the others! 😀

  3. vuth says:

    It is good for me to easy conversation

  4. Roei says:

    lf l may say so an American accent is the best ;]
    Personally, l have no accent because English is not my mother tongue

  5. Mark White says:

    There is some more stuff about accents on this page:

  6. annie says:

    hu hu hu hu english is a crazy language he he he……..

  7. austrlia says:

    ha ha ha australian accent is the best of all accent../………………………………………………………….

  8. cooper says:

    very nice recording!!! i love it!
    i’m sorry, Mark, i think the english accent is the best to me, beautiful and posh! 😀

  9. Thangaraj says:

    This is very simple and easy.

  10. Ananth ps says:

    It’s very great effort! Really i am enjoy that one.

  11. jairus says:

    american is the best accent,… even though i’m not an american but it sounds more clearer and easily to understand… ^^

  12. linda says:

    american is the best accent

  13. Iesty says:

    beautifull accents,, it’s nice listening…i’m waitimg for next lesson..thank’s

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