A New Life in Mosquito City – part 35 – At Work

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Mark: Well here I am at work now at the Mosquito Herald and here is my boss, Frank. Hello Frank.
Frank: Mark! Come on in.
Mark: How are you today?
Frank: I feel great.
Mark: Good. Good.
Frank: Fantastic. How about yourself?
Mark: I feel pretty good but I have got a problem. I need a place to stay. I have to move out of the hotel and I need my own place. I am thinking of getting a place down in Brooklyn . That is nice part of town. Do you know a real estate agent or do you know of any apartments that are free?
Frank: Well I actually know of some apartments because I have got some artist friends.
Mark: Right. Ok
Frank:and musician friends.
Mark: Can you introduce me to your friends and…?
Frank: Yes. Certainly.
Mark: Ok. That would be great . Ok. Thanks mate. Well. After work today?
Frank: After work.
Mark: Ok.
Frank: See you later.
Mark: Lets go down after work. Ok?
Frank: No problem.
Mark: Thanks. See you.
Frank: Bye.