I Pay Too Much Tax!

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Tax Time!
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Dutch Guy: … employees. I pay fifty two percent tax. Everyone has free health care. Not me. I pay double the price but I don’t have any treatment.
Other Guy: What kind of company?
Dutch Guy: Chartered accountant…Lawyer.
Well I think solidarity… what made Europe what it is…
Other Guy: Solidarnost?
Dutch Guy: No no. Solidarity. I make more money than you and I pay for you when you don’t have a job or need medical treatment.
Other Guy: Family. Family!
Dutch Guy: … has gone too far. I make money. I pay for everyone but I get nothing
Other Guy: Yeah.
Dutch Guy: So there is no benefit left.

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11 Responses to “I Pay Too Much Tax!”

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  1. karine says:

    Thanks, it’s easy, fun and helpful !!!

  2. bouchaub says:

    fruitful and

  3. shimaa says:

    At first, I must say “thank you”.
    Secondly, unfortunatly I cannot hear this conversation except few words but these words did not lead me to understand the goal of this conversation.

    A big problem must mention, there was a background of voice alot of voices .

  4. mahdi says:

    It seems that if the text was longer the more percentage of that would be catched. By the way i’m trying to focus to the subject and get the more details of the listening by not refering to the txet repeatedly…

  5. waqas says:

    any one can send me mails for english speaking as i service in office so that i speak english correctly and any one can send me books for english conversation
    i often read your essay i utilized them

  6. ziba says:

    Sometimes it is difficult to pay tax but it is a good idea that goverments take tax from pepole who has job to do,because goverments use the money from the taxs in so many useful ways in socitiy.Anyway we shoudn’t think about paying too much tax and not only one day we have to use it for our treatment.

  7. BASKAR says:

    It is easy to learn english.This is very useful website

  8. Mark White says:

    It will get easier. Listen again. Practice listening. You will find that it gets easier.

    Don’t worry about the meaning of the words too much at first, Try to get used to the sounds then come back to the meaning.

    Can you reproduce those sounds?

  9. Claudius says:

    It’s quite harder to fully understand the whole conversation if we not refer to the text provided..may be i can understand 50 – 60%

  10. val says:

    Thanks, I’m geting better now

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