Almanac – 17 August 2010 – Tuesday

Read the text first then listen to the audio at the bottom of the page.

Good Morning!

It is the seventeenth of August 2010. It is Tuesday.


It is fine.
The sky is clear.
It is clear and it is not windy.
The wind has died down.
It is cold.
It is still quite cold but the weather is getting warmer.
Spring is coming.

What is your favourite season? Answer the question aloud. Say your answer now!
What is your favourite season?

Now write your answer in the “comments” section below at the bottom of this post.

Now I want you to tell me about the weather where you are. What is the weather like where you are? Answer this question. Say your answer aloud.
What is the weather like today?

Now write an answer. What is the weather like today in your area? (Post the answer below in the “comments” section)


Here is a current news headline:

Obama declares US Gulf coast safe.

In “news headline English” we often use present simple tense to replace present perfect tense because it is shorter. Headlines are like short notes.

In this headline:

has declared the Gulf coast safe

has become

declares Gulf coast safe

President Obama has declared the Gulf safe. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill which began on April 20 with an explosion that killed eleven workers was capped on July 15 and the President, after examining the water in the Gulf and swimming in it, has declared the area safe.

“Declare” has two distinct shades of meaning:

Obama has declared the Gulf safe


Obama formally announced that the Gulf is safe

We also use “declare” in another situation. When you go through customs, the customs officer will ask you:

Do you have anything to declare?

That means:

Are you carrying any drugs, fruit or weapons?

Listen to this conversation and you will hear the phrase

Do you have anything to declare?

Does the girl in the dialogue have anything to declare? Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Look at these phrases:

an explosion that killed seven workers
an explosion that injured seven workers
an explosion that trapped seven workers

Do you know the difference? What is the difference? Answer the question now.
How are they different? What do they mean?

After you have said your answer, write an answer at the bottom of the post in the “comments” section.

If you have trouble use these words and phrases:

the first one
the second one
the third phrase
cannot get out
were hurt

Pay attention to punctuation when you write.

Here is another headline:

Storm follows heatwave

Again present simple tense has replaced present perfect tense so

A storm has followed a heatwave

has become

Storm follows heatwave

Russian wildfires have been extinguished by a storm, which ended the heatwave, which has claimed many lives.

Look at these phrases. They have the same meaning:

have been extinguished
have been put out

Mexican television station offices bombed

In this headline a past participle has been used instead of a passive phrase so

A Mexican television station’s offices have been bombed

has become simply

Mexican television station offices bombed

The Monterrey offices of the largest television network in Mexico have been bombed. An explosive device went off in front of the offices. The blast is believed to be related to the war between drug cartels and the government. In Mexico murder and intimidation of journalists by drug cartels has become routine.

There is a story about drug cartels in Monterrey in yesterday’s almanac.

Look at this scale:

the largest television network in Mexico
the second largest television network in Mexico
the third largest television network in Mexico

Let’s look at another headline:

Government critic slandered in Malaysia

This means:

A critic of the government has been slandered in Malaysia.

Again, a past participle has been used in place of a passive phrase.

The liberal opposition leader Anwar bin Ibrahim has again been slandered by critics as his popularity rises in the wake of coming elections. Anwar opposes Malaysia’s racial affirmative action policy of “bumiputera“.

Anwar was falsely accused of crimes against morality during a previous election bid. The prosecution argued that he had committed a crime in a building that had not been constructed at the time. He was later cleared.

In the current case it has been revealed that the main witness for the prosecution is a prosecution lawyer’s lover. The judge has said this does not matter.

Look at these pairs:

in the current case
in the previous case

a prosecution lawyer
a defence lawyer

the main witness
a minor witness

News and weather Summary

Now listen to a summary. If you do not understand everything you hear, go back and read the text again. Look up all the new words in the dictionary.

Download audio file (nw170810.mp3)

That is all for now. See you tomorrow!

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147 Responses to “Almanac – 17 August 2010 – Tuesday”

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  1. Ng?c says:

    The first, I want to say: Thank you very much, Mark and Aaron 😀 My English is not good, I’m trying to improve it. I hope you can undertand that I will write here.
    I’m living Shanghai, China. It’s winter now, the sky clear but it is cold, dry and have north wind. Today it dosen’t rain and the temperature is 12 celsius, not so cold. I don’t like winter becase I fear cold and north wind. I like autumn. the season that the weather always better, the sky clear, it is cool, fresh and have a little sunshine.

  2. feda says:

    it is fine the weather is worm and suuny ,the sky is clear

  3. fahim says:

    Hi, first of all I should thank you a lot for so useful vocabulary which you send to me each time. But my favorite season is Autumn, I love this season.

  4. hager says:

    i like acold wheather

  5. nima says:

    my favorite season is autumn. i love walking in the rain it gives me peace.i,m alone,i love english a lot .i can talk some other languages but i think english is the best in the world .
    it,s almost 5 years i have no friends to share my filing,to have fun.
    i live in iran but i don,t like here at all,there is no freedom here,let a lone fun

  6. simin says:

    Y’know i like all season because if always wether been cloudy with snow or raining it will be bored and i like all of them and all of them are gooooooooooood

  7. simin says:

    I like winter.

  8. cheerful says:

    my favorite season is spring,and some time I like witnter very much.

    The weather today is Hot,and often it is very very Hot.

    the girl haven’t anything to declare.

    The different ( the first one [7 workers killed ] mean: They died,
    the second one [ 7 injured ]mean:They were hurt and the third phrase
    [ 7 trapped ) it’s mean They cnanot get out.

  9. Tatyana Molodtsova says:

    It’s raining out here all day long. The weather is fine (after so long period of heat and forest fires). And it’s great to sit indoors and think of better future 🙂

  10. Tina says:

    thanks a lot its very helpful to learn english

  11. Tina says:

    i like winter weather because i live in pakistan and winter is not so cold.the summer is very hot.

    it is hot today.yesterday was wet but today the sky is clear and warm.

  12. shinae says:

    thanks a is helpfull for me^^

  13. Abeba says:

    Dear Mark/Aaron,
    thank you very much for this very important way of English teaching. You are so kind to share your Knowledge.
    God Bless you.

    To Question you asked me here is the response. favourite season is september.
    2.The weather where I am is rainy and cloudy it is winter. I like 3.sunny day.I like the summer and Autumen season

  14. katerina says:

    Thanks a lot !! It is very helpfull for me.
    Katerina, Boston, MA.

  15. Rabab says:

    the weather is very hot right here it’s 47 °
    I love spring

  16. Sheerin says:

    i m really very crazy to learn spoken english…and also needy to learn spoken english….

  17. Sheerin says:

    ” i like winter..and rainy day…..because i love water..

  18. habsi says:

    how the way, to make english esier for me?
    I always get difficulty about my english, please guys, help me !!!

  19. noera says:

    i like rain season. coz i like water. it refresh me.

  20. noera says:

    i like rainy season. i like water. it refreshes me.

  21. KIRAN says:

    1. winter is my favourite season . 2. now also i like winter

  22. wasil says:

    thank you nowday i can easily understand english but still ihave problems but thank you i proud to you

  23. mohammad says:

    thank you so much for your submitted conversation.
    I suggest you to choose a small part of news from a radio or TV news program as it is broadcast for the listeners or viewers and then try to simplify it. In other words you can explain it by simple phrases and words and then the learners listen it for the second time after listening to your explanation.
    Ihope to have other lessons from you in the future.
    good luck

  24. Stanca Margeanu says:

    Stanca Margeanu

    Correct something.
    The second one means that the workers were hurt.
    The third phrase means that the workers cannot get out.

  25. Stanca Margeanu says:

    My name is Stanca . I live in Romania .My favorite season is summer. Today , 22 August , the weather is good.The sky is clear, no wind , no rain.It is a perfect day for a walking.It is neiter too hot or too cold. In my country is the end of the summer.

    I asking your question about the customer :
    The girl has nothing to declare.

    I asking your question about the statement Obama declare:
    The first one means that the workers died.
    The second one means that the workers cannot get out.

  26. Mark White says:

    I grew up in the desert. The sound of rain is still exciting for me. Especially rain on a tin roof!

  27. Mike says:

    Thank you very much for sending me the lesson! For me, this lesson is easier to learn than the old lessons. I like it! I live in Arizona State, USA. I have been living here three years ago but I have to work. I have no time to go to school. So, my English is very bad, especially listening and speaking English. My favorite season is the spring, because it’s very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter here. Tonight, it’s 81 degrees and it’s raining(this is a rare thing in the desert).

  28. meena says:

    i like Raine seasons. Raine seasons is full of greener. surround is full of greener.
    l also like wet in rain.

  29. Ahmad says:

    Hi, I am from Pakistan. Here the summer session is very long and sunny but this year summer session is pleasant and rainy. l like the winter session.

    The above three sentences are telling the three different effect caused by an explosion. They all in past tense.

  30. sediqullah amarkhil says:

    hievery body,
    my name is sediqullah from kabul/afghanistan i would like to say that my favorte season isspring season so the weather is usually good( some time is rainy and some time is shiny )in that season every thing have good smell .
    tanks everybody

  31. thu hien says:

    oh! my favourite season is autum

  32. thu hien says:

    hi every body! my name’s thu hien from Viet Nam. the weather today in here is very beautyful! it’s sunny but not hot, the sky is clear and it’s windy!

  33. Rani Mathew says:

    My name is Rani I was in India. I came here [U S ] 4 years ago
    I like spring, now it is summer time. Winter will start after september.

  34. aew says:

    Good evening everybody my name is Aew. I live in Thailand. My favourite season is winter but my country usually hot. Today the weater is too hot.

  35. Sirithorn says:

    I am writting from Thailand , my favarit season is the winter
    Now,Thailand is hot.


  36. neziha says:

    my name is neziha and i live in kerala, india.I like winter season.Here in kerala it is rainy season.but today the weather is cloudy.

  37. ridvan says:

    I would like to ask to everbody,

    Will we write only about weather condition …

    I am new member..

    I would like to write – receive about diffrent subject comment ,

    The person that has a information about this subject can write to me

    I look forward to hearing from everbody

    • Mark White says:

      Hi Ridvan

      This page was originally to write about weather and also to answer questions from the text above but you can write about anything you like.

      The almanac comes out each day and there are different topics and different questions each day.

      Each day has a different page so you can write about different topics on different pages or you can write about anything that you like anywhere.

      What interests you? What do you like to write about and read about and talk about?

  38. mentari says:

    hello, my name is mentari i live in jakarta indonesia
    in my country there are only 2 seasons: rainy and dry season
    i like rainy season, because the weather usually cool, just like today
    it’s raining

  39. durga says:

    my favortte season is spring days today is raining day

  40. Ratnayake says:

    My favorite season is new year season i.e.april

    It is rainy weather.

  41. Jordi says:

    The first sentence means that the workers are died.
    The second sentence means that the workers are hurted but not died and the last sentence means that the workers can’t get out.

  42. Gina says:

    Today it is a hot day, I live in Tijuana Mexico, so we share the same wather as San Diego Ca. You do not want to be out, or even in your house if you do not have an AC. Sucks!!!!

  43. prasanna says:

    Iam living in tooting. today nice sunny weather here. I like warm weather.

  44. AHMAD says:

    hello everyone I live Manchester today the people have very good day all day we had sunshine ..

  45. Belal Hossain says:

    hi every body

    I am writting from bangladesh , my favarit season is the winter. in my crountry have six number of seasons but winter and sping are very nice to enjoy.


  46. obeed says:

    hi every body
    it is thurzday .i am from saudi .my favorty seasoan is summer
    .we have two saesoan in my country spring and is fine
    there is alitl pit cloudy in the sky .

  47. vinod kumar says:

    Hi friends.
    Today is very handsome day.becouse of today is full day raining.
    there is rainy season. my favorite season is spring days.
    thank u
    vinod from delhi.

  48. Julie says:

    Hi everybody

    Today is very nice day, temperture is 16 degree in Mongolia, it is not hot and cold. My favorite season is Winter.

  49. Mohammad Hakim says:

    Hi, I am from Dhaka.It is autunm season in our country. The weather is fine today. The sky is cloudy.The temparature is not so hurting.The weather is not windy. It is very comfortable now.

    Thanks to everybody.

  50. Shibu says:

    Hey guys.
    This is shibu. I’m from Bangalore, India. Here the weather is pretty cool, like its not rainy but its not too hot, some sort of balanced state. Sky is a bit cloudy. But we can see blue sky little bit. I’m working near to a golf court its really awesome to see that green grasses shining in sunlight.

  51. suhel says:

    Hay everybody how are today my name is Suhel I’m from Bangladesh. But I living in Dubai days( 30- 40 degrees approximately). So to hot in out side. But I like the summer but not to hot.

  52. MASJAN says:

    Hello everybody My name is Masjan I live in Jakarta/Indonesia, How are you today?, My favorite season is summer cause I can go everywhere, everytime..They are 2 seasons only here, summer and raining..It’s very nice feeling cold season as in your countries..I often feel extreem weather here It’s too hot today but It was raining yesterday..My warm 4 u all wherever u are – Masjan

  53. Fafa says:

    My favour season is spring btacuse it has moderate temperature so we can go for trip in the mountain and spend nice day between the flowers and sing of birds

  54. silinra says:

    Mi weather favorite is summer, now the weather is cold

  55. Bernard Verstraete says:

    The first one died
    The second one were hurt
    The third phrase cannot get out

  56. ludmila says:

    Hello everyone!
    I live in Israel and, as usual,to date we have dog’s days( 30- 40 degrees approximately).We must to add for this temperature a high level of humidity.But it is not so awful as in Moscow because we have many ways to manage our life safely and conveniently and don’t have so many tragedies like in Russia. Many Israelis gate away to abroad. My family had were in Bulgarian mountains.We did a smart decision do not go to Europe or to Russia – the weather in Bulgaria was so nice!We look forward to go to Romania mountains the next year.
    Personally,I prefer our winter and spring because a good bit nice cool days and nights.
    Break a leg and have a wonderful weather whatsoever it meanings for you.

    • ludmila says:

      I’ve found two misprints in my comment: “gate away” must be “get away” and “did a decision” must be ” made a decision”

  57. vu khanh says:

    My favourite season is spring because it is cool and cold. But when I stay home I like the rain that I can watching tv, calling telephone my friends and playing game.

  58. Martinz says:

    I like summer because I love the beach and here in Brazil there are many beautiful beaches you can search the internet to check.
    Summer in Brazil is very fun people like to enjoy life and playing sports especially football.
    Here in Brazil women are most beautiful in the summer because they practice gymnastics academy and their bodies are more well defined.
    To summarize in a nutshell I love the summer in Brazil.

    Best wishes.


  59. aynur says:

    my favoriteseason is is very hot today.

  60. R?dvan says:

    My name is R?dvan , I from Türkiye

    Today is very hot, we live summer of last century

    The forcast says, The wather will be raining at the weekend (I hope)

  61. cristiana says:

    hi,how are you?
    Ilove all the seasons because everyone has a special “smell”, but,if I had to choose I really chose summer.
    Yes I think summer is a special season: all the nature gives the best of “herself”, the sun is shining the air is hot the colours of everything around you are bright and you feel good, don’t you?
    bye Cristiana

    • Gacuti Merthus says:

      Hi Cristiana,
      How are u now ? me ok.
      is it possible to have your adress , phone, mail to contact u as i have something to say to you. Excellent day. Bye
      Gacuti Merthus.

  62. souhila says:

    The weather in Algeria exactly in Moustaganem today is cloudy and maybe it will rain this afternoon.

  63. maria says:

    The weather in Calgary today it is nice,,the sky is is summer l love summer.

  64. nimeh qaraqra says:

    hi i am nimeh qaraqra , my favourite season is winter .

    the weather today here is too hot and dry , it’s unusual hot.

  65. hi, my name is amina
    i’m from morroco
    my favourite season is spring
    the weather today is fineand suny

  66. Abiola says:

    today weather little bit nice in belgium.but my favourite season is summer.

  67. Younus says:

    Hello everybody.
    My name is Younus,
    I live in Pakistan.
    My season is the summer,here in Pakistan.
    It is hot today.

  68. Fawzia says:

    I living in Afghanistan and Today is suny Day, and i like spring season ,

  69. Fawzia says:

    i like spring season, Today is suny Day,

  70. Mauri says:

    Today, August 18, in Genova where I live, the weather is cloudy but fortunally it is not raining. The temperature is however nice and it seems it goes through an improving with some sunbeams.

    The season that I prefer is the summer surely, because it offers the holiday period, besides beautiful days.

  71. Bui Thi Nhung says:

    hello everybody. My name is Nhung,I live in Hanoi Viet Nam, It isn’t good today, it’s raining and hot all day. now is late summer in Vietnam. my favorite season is spring, the weather very good in the spring.
    have nice day

  72. Bernard Verstraete says:

    Today it is raining a lot,and cold only 16 degrees celcius

  73. Bernard Verstraete says:

    My season is the summer,here in Belgium we love to see the sun and have hot days
    Have an nice day

    • Claude DEVERE says:

      Dear Bernard,
      I am living near Mediteranneen coast named French Riviera or Côte d’Azur. Today the weather was wonderful. Blue sky without clouds,no wind and the temperature was 35°C. Tomorrow, we will have the same weather. Do you my country?
      Sincerely yours

  74. CETIN says:


    My season is spring.All nature in the spring is green.All people,animals,birds,flowers, rivers are so beautiful and so happy.

    Have nice day,

  75. erdal says:

    My favorite season is autumn, I like cool weather because it makes me feel comfortable.

  76. lino says:

    I m from Malta small island our weather normaly is fine all year round but spring is the best way to relax for holliday thank you very much this is the letter in my live to writre on internet I m learning inglish after 40 years it is never to late

  77. hamed says:


    tanks is so good for me

  78. Faiza Rehman says:

    I like cold weather and I love snow it’s soft fluffy crystals of ice. I really don’t like hot weather I don’t feel very comfortable where I come from the weather is very hot and we don’t have all the seasons, we only have summer and winter even winter is not too cold the temperature in summer is 52 and in winter is 26 but i still feel hot in winter . I wish if it snow over here in my country.

  79. Haci says:

    My name is Haci
    I am from Turkey my favorite season summer season which my body heat. It is sunny now and I l?ke it.

  80. Aimal says:

    Augst 18.2010


    I am from Afghanistan ,my fav=orite season is spring


  81. Mark Shen says:

    I live in Taiwan .
    It’s fine in the morning , but always rain in the afternoon.

  82. qabeelah says:

    I am from iraq and I live in basra south of Iraq , My favorite season is spring .

    with my love

  83. lala says:

    Hi,I’m from Madagascar,in Antananarivo, our current season is winter. I like this weather. Today, the sky is clear. It does not cold.


  84. S. VADIVEL says:

    My favourite season is Rainy season which makes our whole body brisk.

  85. Mazhar ALI says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from pakistan and my favorite season is summer.


  86. M.Shabestani says:

    Dear Sirs,

    thank you so much for your efforts to develope English learning culture.
    I am from Iran and I fine your job excellen.I have been teaching English for 15 years, but I am not a teacher, I am an Engineer.
    best regards
    M. Shabestani

  87. rajendran says:

    i have like summer season we can travel with out any disturbance and then every place cleaning..

  88. Sami Elham says:

    Hi, I am from Afghanistan, the weather today is a little bit warm. My favorite season is spring, that is why the weather is very pleasant.

  89. claudia morales says:


    My name is Claudia, my favorite weather is autum becaus is the time confortable.
    But i live in Mexico in the border with USA, it is very hot and dry.

  90. nahazatul says:

    hi, i’m from malaysia.the weather today is very nice.we are having our fasting month right now,so this wonderful weather has helped us from feeling hungry and thirsty.

  91. x says:

    Hi,I’m from Malaysia.The weather here is rainy .I like the weather here so much but there are no seasons in my country.

  92. ~H!nD~ says:

    Hi, I’m from KSA & my name is Hind. the weather in my city is hot & windy, I don’t like it but we live with it. the favourite season is spring & winter too.

  93. Zafar says:

    I like winter. I like it too much. Because i can eat what i want and you don’t feel thirsty. I can wear warm clothes but in summer, I feel thirsty all the time and i can’t eat too much.

  94. Zafar says:

    I am so happy to see your website. It is very informaive and so helpful for those who want to learn english.

  95. Zafar says:

    My like winter. I like it too much. Because i can eat what i want and you don’t feel thirsty. I can wear warm clothes but in summer, I feel thirsty all the time and i can’t eat too much.

  96. kuro says:

    i like winter. although it is very cold, i like it very much
    i don’t know why ^^

  97. Hi, my name is Lan and I live in Vietnam. My favourite season is Autumn, because it is cool, the weather is comfortable. It has been not hot and brilliant sunshine.
    And today, the weather is cool. It has many cloudy and sometime it has little rainy.

  98. Jackie says:

    We do not have four seasons, we only have a dry station and a rain station. I love summer, but I like winter as well.
    We are now starting the rainy station but this days have been very hot and dry.
    The difference between the phrases is that in the first one, it means that the workers are died. In the second one the workers are hurt, but they are alive and in the third sentence the workers can not leave from the place where the explotion ocurred.

  99. naran says:

    Hello my name is Naran and im in Mongolia so my favorite season is summer and autumn now in here so rainy and i like it because lot of hot days continuing during in Summer. I`m sorry my english id not good.
    Thank you Mark and Aaron

  100. vivi says:

    I’m living in Taiwan. My favourite season is summer that give me always sunshine day although the weather is really hot.

  101. fitri says:

    hello..i’m fitri. i’m from indonesia..i really love’s a romantic season..

  102. Omar tirawi says:

    My favourire season,as you may guess,is spring. The whether during spring time is very nice and beautiful with so many flowers almost every where. spring is a refreshment to the human’s soul.In addition to that,it gives me a sense of a new beginning. Where I live it’s almost always hot and humid.

  103. hala says:

    Hi, my friends

    I don’t know how i can thank you, i realy appreciate what you are doing. now, i’m depending on you to study English with your way.I feel optimestic. any way, my favourit season is winter. I’m from Egypt. so the winter here warm. Thanks god. and the winter clothing very check.i like to wear it.

  104. anthons1 says:

    hi!goodmorning!thanks!alot i found this site.i’m anthony from philippines but, as of now i’m working in a tiles cement company here in south korea.i love listening english conversation.this audio files is very helpful. thank you!

  105. mayyada says:

    thanks alot I found the lessons very helpful

  106. suzan says:

    The weather is too hot and wet here in Abu Dhabi. my favourite season is winter.

  107. Nikola says:

    It is fine weather today. The sky is clear, the sea water is worm and the feeling is great

  108. Noor says:

    I live in the Sultanate of Oman and the wheather here is very very hot. I like winter like the majority of Arab.

  109. Shanapa says:

    My favorite season is summer, I like warm weather it makes me feel comfortable.

  110. Mariwan says:

    My favorate season is Autum ..

  111. Mariwan says:

    It’s good but we need more practies by coversation with together…

  112. IRIS says:

    My favorite Season is Summer!!!

  113. eneodato ayson says:

    my favourite season is winter

  114. serpil says:

    Hi,From Izmir, Turkey. My favorite seasons is spring and winter. I very like the snow.But We don’t see snow in Izmir which because of seaside of Ege. Now the whether is very hot and humidity here.

  115. MEHWISH says:


  116. soni says:

    my favouraite season is cold season because in this season I can enjoy my each days is very good.

  117. Diego says:

    I am in Argentina and my favourite season is summer!!!

  118. Tatyana says:

    My favorite season is spring and I’m sure a lot of people share this opinion with me. Spring is the season of hope, happiness and love. It is not very hot out here. My thermometer is reading +48,20 F now at 11:35 PM. Autumn is coming. Tatyana(Ural, Russia)

    • Mark White says:

      How is the air near you? Were you affected by the wildfires?

      • Tatyana says:

        The wildfires that have been raging across Central Russia since mid-June have claimed 53 lives and left over 3,500 people homeless.
        Indeed, all people are equal and all disagreements are forgotten when it comes to facing a natural disaster and other global challenges.

        It is particularly pleasant to know that when we are in trouble, we do not have to ask for help or support. Many countries are showing their solidarity with Russia. We appreciate it very much! Now situation is improving. At the moment the weather is nice here. The air is fresh in our region.
        Thank You for your caring and I wish you the best!
        Thank You very much for your lessons ! Tatyana

    • Tatyana says:

      Ural is a geographical region located around the Ural Mountains, between the East European and West Siberian plains. It extends approximately from north to south, from the Arctic Ocean to the bend of Ural River near Orsk city. The boundary between Europe and Asia runs along the eastern side of Ural Mountains.

      The climate of Ural is continental. The ridges of the Ural Mountains are elongated from north to south, they effectively absorb sunlight thereby increasing the temperature. The areas west to the Ural Mountains are 1–2 °C warmer in winter than the eastern regions because the former are warmed by the Atlantic winds whereas the eastern slopes are chilled by the Siberian air masses. The average January temperatures increase in the western areas from –20 °C in the Polar to –15 °C in the Southern Urals and the corresponding temperatures in July are 10 °C and 20 °C. The western areas also received more rainfall than the eastern ones by 150–300 mm per year. The highest precipitation (1000 mm) is in the Northern Ural that causes the average height of snow up to 90 cm. The eastern parts receive from 500–600 mm on the north to 300–400 mm on the south.

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      This article is about a Ural geographical region.

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      My favorite season is spring but I like too summer. The Brszil have four station. In summer is rainy but is hot and you can go to beach.

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