A New Life in Mosquito City – part 37 – Driving under the Overpass

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Mark: OK. well. I am sitting in Frank’s car and we are just driving under the overpass and we have just left Mosquito City and we are in Brooklyn now and there is the fire station on my right. We are turning left. Is that public housing?
Frank: Oh no. No. I am going to stop here. You just…I will let you off and you get a table in the cafe and I will see you later.
Mark: OK. OK. I will see you in a minute.
Frank: See you in a bit.
Mark: OK.

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13 Responses to “A New Life in Mosquito City – part 37 – Driving under the Overpass”

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  1. Jo Ann L. G. says:


    congratulations for extending this help to people
    who likes to learn and improve using English at work and in their
    everyday life.

    thank you and i really appreciate this opportunity for learning and sharing knowledge

    all the best!!!

  2. bibin says:

    and please add some stories in “past tense ‘

  3. bibin says:

    thank you sir, your stories really helped me a lot, my english really improved
    god bless you

  4. kalonga says:

    hi there, i enjoy your way of doing things
    for that i’m a learner of english and i ask some dialogs, conversations, irregular and regular verbs with their meanings

  5. nivanthika says:

    good job, It’s very useful to us. Thank you again

  6. thank u so much sir great work god bless u says:


  7. Elsy says:

    I m very happy for you real conversations .. I learn to much.. thank you.. thank you…for everthing

  8. waqas says:

    i want to download the english language books but could not find in your website

  9. MegaStar says:

    Thanks Aaron

  10. Aaron says:

    “we are just driving under the overpass” means “We are driving under a bridge (for cars) right this moment.”

    “let you off” means “I will stop and let you get out of the car.”

  11. santhoshpani says:

    “we are just driving under the overpass” means

    “let you off” means
    and please tell me how to use them

  12. Lamia says:

    Dear sirs,

    I’m really interested in the conversations

    but I can’t download them!
    is there any possibilty for that??????

    thank you in advance

    yours lamia

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