How do you make feijoada?

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Mark has a Brazilian Neighbour. He asked her how to make feijoada.

Mark: How do you make feijoada?
Brazilian Neighbour: To make a feijoada you need black beans, chorizo
Mark: That is a kind of sausage, isn’t it?
Brazilian Neighbour: It is. Spanish sausage.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Brazilian Neighbour: You can also get a Portuguese chorizo
Child: Daddy…..!
Brazilian Neighbour: And also you need…you need pork.
Mark: Yeah. Like a piece of pork?
Brazilian Neighbour: A piece of pork. M-hm. And you also need bay leaf.
Mark: Ah!?
Brazilian Neighbour: Put a little bay leaf in there. And you need paprika and you need cumin. And also you need coriander. Coriander..
Mark: Fresh or seeds or …?
Brazilian Neighbour: Fresh. Fresh.
Mark: The leaves?
Brazilian Neighbour: The leaves. Yeah. You put it right in the end.
Mark: Right. OK. Wow!
Brazilian Neighbour: So that is the ingredients. How to make it. First you need to soak the beans overnight.
Mark: Right.
Brazilian Neighbour: Right. And then…Normally I have a pressure cooker.
Mark: Yeah? So it does it quickly?
Brazilian Neighbour: It does it quickly. Yeah. It only takes about a half an hour.
Mark: It is good to soak them though.
Brazilian Neighbour: Yeah.
Mark: Germinate. Grow a little bit.
Brazilian Neighbour: So..Alright then..You put the beans into the pressure cooker, water, then you put the pork meat and you put also the chorizo in it
Mark: Yep.
Brazilian Neighbour: And in another pan you chop up some onion and garlic and you fry it with olive oil and you put it into the beans …
Mark: Yep.
Brazilian Neighbour: And you cook that for about half an hour.
Mark: Right.
Brazilian: And then.
Mark: All in the pressure cooker?
Brazilian Neighbour: All in the pressure cooker…Yeah…

Can you tell us more about Brazilian food?  How do you make feijoada?

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  3. ziba says:

    I havent cooked Feijoada but I learn it now.
    The ingrediants is inclouded black beans’chorizo’garlic’onion’coriander’paprika’
    bay leaf’pork meat.
    To make the Feijoada first you need to soak beans overnight and put it in a pressure cooker for an half an hour then add bay leaf and meat pork.
    And also in another pan you also chopp onion and garlic with some olive oil and fry it then add to bean you cook that for half an hour.
    Don’t forget to add some salt it depend on you that how much it would be and enjoy it.

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  5. Riaz Hussain says:

    It is a nice and informative conversation about brazilian food.I appriciate it but it should be in video.

  6. hanad says:

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        Good luck with your English!

  8. kalidas says:

    It’s very useful to me
    thank you.

  9. Tetê da Silva says:

    here you learn english and learn to cook, only one point in brasil you don’t put chorizo on the feijoada you put “linguiça” is kind of sausage its like a spanish chourizo. In brazil the chorizo is made with a pork blod and here in spain called morcilla. Its deliciusss

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  12. omar sierra says:

    very interesting when i was a teacher at the Normal Superior here in Barranquilla I had a nice brazilian gils and aday she invited me to eat feiohada com arroz or the contrary feiohada with arroz 8rice) it was a good dish and she also gave a song with the title Feioda with arroz.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  13. Suhanto Kastaredja says:

    Very good lessons

  14. Claudius says:

    It’s a good practise for me to improve my english skills especially listening to the englis native conversation.


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