How do you make feijoada?

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Mark has a Brazilian Neighbour. He asked her how to make feijoada.

Mark: How do you make feijoada?
Brazilian Neighbour: To make a feijoada you need black beans, chorizo
Mark: That is a kind of sausage, isn’t it?
Brazilian Neighbour: It is. Spanish sausage.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Brazilian Neighbour: You can also get a Portuguese chorizo
Child: Daddy…..!
Brazilian Neighbour: And also you need…you need pork.
Mark: Yeah. Like a piece of pork?
Brazilian Neighbour: A piece of pork. M-hm. And you also need bay leaf.
Mark: Ah!?
Brazilian Neighbour: Put a little bay leaf in there. And you need paprika and you need cumin. And also you need coriander. Coriander..
Mark: Fresh or seeds or …?
Brazilian Neighbour: Fresh. Fresh.
Mark: The leaves?
Brazilian Neighbour: The leaves. Yeah. You put it right in the end.
Mark: Right. OK. Wow!
Brazilian Neighbour: So that is the ingredients. How to make it. First you need to soak the beans overnight.
Mark: Right.
Brazilian Neighbour: Right. And then…Normally I have a pressure cooker.
Mark: Yeah? So it does it quickly?
Brazilian Neighbour: It does it quickly. Yeah. It only takes about a half an hour.
Mark: It is good to soak them though.
Brazilian Neighbour: Yeah.
Mark: Germinate. Grow a little bit.
Brazilian Neighbour: So..Alright then..You put the beans into the pressure cooker, water, then you put the pork meat and you put also the chorizo in it
Mark: Yep.
Brazilian Neighbour: And in another pan you chop up some onion and garlic and you fry it with olive oil and you put it into the beans …
Mark: Yep.
Brazilian Neighbour: And you cook that for about half an hour.
Mark: Right.
Brazilian: And then.
Mark: All in the pressure cooker?
Brazilian Neighbour: All in the pressure cooker…Yeah…

Can you tell us more about Brazilian food?  How do you make feijoada?

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