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The Business Trip is a 54-episode course in Easy Business English that you can download for free. Here are the first three episodes:

Mr. Tanaka is from Japan. He is on a business trip.
He is in Canada. He wants to go to the U.S.

1. In the Street

Tanaka: Taxi!
Taxi-driver: Where to?
Tanaka: The airport please.
Taxi-driver: Sure.


Q1. Where is Mr. Tanaka?
A1. He is in the street.
Q2. Where is the taxi-driver?
A2. He is in his car.
Q3. Where does Mr. Tanaka want to go?
A3. He wants to go to the airport.
Q4. Is there a problem with that?
A4. No, there is not.

2. In the Taxi

Taxi-driver: Domestic or International?
Tanaka: International, please.
Taxi-driver: Ok.


Q1. Where are they?
A1. They are in a taxi.
Q2. Does Mr. Tanaka want to go to the international airport or the domestic airport?
A2. He wants to go to the International airport.
Q3. Is there a problem with that?
A3. No, there is not.

3. At the Airport

Tanaka: How much?
Taxi-driver: $25.50.
Tanaka: Here you are.
Taxi-driver: Thanks.


Q1. Where is Mr. Tanaka?
A1. He is at the airport.
Q2. How much is the taxi fare?
A2. It is $25.50 (twenty-five fifty).
Q3. Does Mr. Tanaka pay?
A3. Yes, he does.

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