A New Life in Mosquito City – part 40 – Let’s have a look at the menu

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Waiter: Hello. Would you like to drink something?
Frank: Yes. Ok. Let’s have a look at the menu. There is cafe au lait, cappuccino, American…American coffee. Mark, what do you want?
Mark: I think I’ll have a latte, please.
Frank: A latte? Yeah? Ok. Fine. A caramel latte? They have got a caramel latte.
Mark: Just a normal one, please.
Frank: A normal one?…Ok. Fine. So we want a normal …a normal latte and…
Waiter: One normal latte.
Frank: Ok and I want a cup of Earl Grey tea. Ok. Thank you very much.
Waiter: Ok. One normal latte. One Earl Grey tea. Ok.

What is your favourite coffee shop?

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4 Responses to “A New Life in Mosquito City – part 40 – Let’s have a look at the menu”

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  1. Sheraz says:

    Dear Teacher

    Its fantastic. But one thing I want to add here that if the same conversation would also be available in Audio than it will be very fine and help us to correct our pronunciation.

  2. hamied says:

    Thanks alot teachers,

  3. sri says:

    its wonderful conversations

    i think they r most usefu for me\\

    thank you

    so much

  4. Renu says:

    It’s wonderful way of teaching people

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