A New Life in Mosquito City – part 40 – Let’s have a look at the menu

Download audio file (anlimc40waiter.mp3)

Waiter: Hello. Would you like to drink something?
Frank: Yes. Ok. Let’s have a look at the menu. There is cafe au lait, cappuccino, American…American coffee. Mark, what do you want?
Mark: I think I’ll have a latte, please.
Frank: A latte? Yeah? Ok. Fine. A caramel latte? They have got a caramel latte.
Mark: Just a normal one, please.
Frank: A normal one?…Ok. Fine. So we want a normal …a normal latte and…
Waiter: One normal latte.
Frank: Ok and I want a cup of Earl Grey tea. Ok. Thank you very much.
Waiter: Ok. One normal latte. One Earl Grey tea. Ok.

What is your favourite coffee shop?