Easy English 200 – Speaking and Listening – Introduction


Download audio file (talking1.mp3)

This is a different type of lesson.

There is no transcript.

Listen carefully.

Answer the questions.

Answer the questions aloud.

If you don’t understand the first time, listen again and again until it becomes easy and natural.

Listen until you can answer all the questions easily and in a natural way.

If you cannot understand some words, look them up in the dictionary. You should carry a small vocabulary list of new words and phrases to learn all the time.


Here are the questions:

What’s your name?

How does the name system work in your country?

Where are you?

Are you standing up or sitting down?

Are you alone?

What’s the weather like outside?

Are you hungry?

What time is it?

What day is it?

What’s the date?

What year is it?

How does the calendar system work in your country?

What year is it?


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