Easy English 200 – Speaking and Listening – Introduction


Download audio file (talking1.mp3)

This is a different type of lesson.

There is no transcript.

Listen carefully.

Answer the questions.

Answer the questions aloud.

If you don’t understand the first time, listen again and again until it becomes easy and natural.

Listen until you can answer all the questions easily and in a natural way.

If you cannot understand some words, look them up in the dictionary. You should carry a small vocabulary list of new words and phrases to learn all the time.


Here are the questions:

What’s your name?

How does the name system work in your country?

Where are you?

Are you standing up or sitting down?

Are you alone?

What’s the weather like outside?

Are you hungry?

What time is it?

What day is it?

What’s the date?

What year is it?

How does the calendar system work in your country?

What year is it?


Talking to Myself

Grammar is Music

Trees are Brothers

Real Conversations

Easy English

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18 Responses to “Easy English 200 – Speaking and Listening – Introduction”

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  1. Yesufwork Girma says:

    It is a good system to learn English, Thank so much.

  2. Kathy Kim says:

    What’s your name? My name is Kathy KIm.

    How does the name system work in your country?

    Where are you? I live in NJ in USA.

    Are you standing up or sitting down? I am sitting now.

    Are you alone? No i am with my family.

    What’s the weather like outside?

    Are you hungry? A few minutes ago i was hungry so i had a meal.

    What time is it? Now is 5:50pm.

    What day is it? It is on Sunday.

    What’s the date? it is Dec. 27th.

    What year is it? It is in 2015.

    How does the calendar system work in your country?

    What year is it?

  3. ary purba says:

    It’s good idea this is importan for my learn

    thanks you very much
    ary batak indonesia

  4. Zara says:

    It is so usfull and good thanks alote.


  5. Thein Lay says:

    It is very nice to learn English from you. I live in American now. But I am from Myanmar.

  6. shimnaz says:

    Easy to way learn english. It ‘s good
    And thank you so much and my name is shimnaz

  7. Abba says:

    hello how are you for every one really so interesting from this web site and so easy topic and flexible thank you so much for that help

  8. richard says:

    my first name is richard. I´m from lima,peru

  9. usman says:

    it is the best way to learn english.in this way i can improve my english easily.

  10. Dinabandhu Dehuri says:

    I don’t have any website. Really it is very easy to speaking English. It improved my spoken power. Now I don’t feel any hesitation to speak in front of a mass.

  11. Gran Agha HaiderZai says:

    it has been almost five month I am under teching of AJ this lecture has been change my language and now I am able to speak very well and I have no diceculty in seaking english even I am able to understand US people very easy it is all becuase of the AJ lecture an it is effortless program , but to say only I have little porblems with writing which I am daily trying to imporve it by the AJ program and I will inform you as soon as my writing imporve in the way accordingly.

    • sardhar says:

      Hello Gran,

      Hope you are doing well. May i have the lectures pls which made you speak very well? it may help me too. Hope you can help me to improve my english.

      Looking forward to hear from you soon
      With best regards

    • vikas sati says:

      i want improve my spoken english and reading problem becuse i am very week in english both so what u can help me for my weaknes in english…but i hope that you r help me please…..

  12. HASSAN says:

    Very good learning English

  13. Maite says:

    This is very good for me.
    I think this will improve my listening,I’ve never passed this exam.


  14. mohammed shoaib says:

    I like this, Is very nice English I went learn It ………..

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