Mosquito City – Part 42 – I have to get out of this hotel

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Frank’s friends were not able to help Mark find an apartment so he asked his friend Peter for help.

Mark: So Peter I really need to get out of this hotel and get my own place. Down in Brooklyn, you said, was a nice place to find an apartment.
Peter: Yes. Brooklyn is a really cool place. The values have dropped a lot. Well it has been down for quite a long time.
Mark: Ok well I think I might go down there this afternoon and look for a vacant apartment.
Peter: What a wonderful idea and I think I know who would like to chaperone you.
Mark: Somebody to help me?
Peter: There is a lady over there who you know. If you would like to introduce yourself…
Mark: Stephanie! Hello!
Peter: Stephanie! ….
Mark: How are you Stephanie?
Stephanie: I would really like to show you around Brooklyn. I was listening to the conversation and I was very sorry. I was very nosy.
Mark: You are not busy this afternoon?
Stephanie: I am not busy.
Mark: Oh well…
Stephanie: So, I am free. Are you free?
Mark: Let’s go now.
Stephanie: I think you are free.
Mark: Let’s go now.
Stephanie: Ok.

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7 Responses to “Mosquito City – Part 42 – I have to get out of this hotel”

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  1. Lila says:

    As I am leaving in a big city, there are lots of choice for place to leave. The best way is looking in the internet, an then contact with the real state to help me to see the place and rent it.

  2. Jim says:

    This is either an hilarious piss-take or you guys are totally oblivious to just how unreal-sounding this dialogue is. For goodness sakes! Your voice-acting is utter crap! You sound like a pair of whispering lisping half-wits. With such a lack of congruence between delivery and content, how on earth can students possibly hope to learn anything of value? Talk about the blind leading the blind…Still, hilarious even if unintentionally so.

  3. Michael says:

    What? You couldn’t find a girl to play Stephanie? The man’s voice spoils a useful dialogue

  4. evansmu says:

    at fosdt, i find a map where i choose to stay, then i go there. And ask people live around here the house is rented or buy.

  5. pallav says:

    first i talk to my friend then i use internet, look newspaper

  6. When I want a place to hire I ask for information on internet, adverttisements, sometimes I talk to my friends.

  7. leila says:

    when I want to hire a place I look at newspaper, rental agency, and ask my friends.

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