Mosquito City – Part 43 – I was just joking

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Mark: Ok. So here I am in Brooklyn.
Stephanie: Here we are. Here we are.
Mark: And my friend Peter’s sister Stephanie has kindly …
Stephanie: That’s me. That’s me.
Mark: … has kindly brought me down here to show me around and look for a vacant apartment because I need to find my own place to live. So Stephanie …you know this area fairly well?
Stephanie: What do you think? Just looking at it. You know it’s … Have you been to Copenhagen?
Mark: No, I haven’t.
Stephanie: It reminds me of Copenhagen.
Mark: Really?
Stephanie: Yes. Very romantic. What do you think?
Mark: I like the windows.
Stephanie: You like the windows? Me too.
Mark: There is a … I like the windows and there is a little sign in the window here which says that this place is for rent.
Stephanie: You know your face is very strong in this light?
Mark: Yes?
Stephanie: It looks beautiful.
Mark: Oh. Thank you. There is a little sign in the window and it says: “apartment for rent”.
Stephanie: I have got eyes. I can see. Thank you.
Mark: I think I should go up and knock on the door and see if …
Stephanie: Are you being condescending to me?
Mark: Why do you say that Stephanie?
Stephanie: I just wondered. I was just joking. I don’t mind.

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  1. Lila says:

    Very nice. Thanks.

  2. anthony says:

    Stephanie is a dude. My goodness! lol

  3. chris says:

    I think the whole thinks happend after Mark arrival at Mosquito city are Mark’s dream.

    Richest man. Medieval castle. tropical jungle.Rhyino,Hydrogen powered city.all are Mark’ dream.
    Maybe the real mark still on the banana boat drifting on the ocean.due to their boat run out of fuel.

  4. gan says:

    how can i download all lesson

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