Mosquito City – Part 43 – I was just joking

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Mark: Ok. So here I am in Brooklyn.
Stephanie: Here we are. Here we are.
Mark: And my friend Peter’s sister Stephanie has kindly …
Stephanie: That’s me. That’s me.
Mark: … has kindly brought me down here to show me around and look for a vacant apartment because I need to find my own place to live. So Stephanie …you know this area fairly well?
Stephanie: What do you think? Just looking at it. You know it’s … Have you been to Copenhagen?
Mark: No, I haven’t.
Stephanie: It reminds me of Copenhagen.
Mark: Really?
Stephanie: Yes. Very romantic. What do you think?
Mark: I like the windows.
Stephanie: You like the windows? Me too.
Mark: There is a … I like the windows and there is a little sign in the window here which says that this place is for rent.
Stephanie: You know your face is very strong in this light?
Mark: Yes?
Stephanie: It looks beautiful.
Mark: Oh. Thank you. There is a little sign in the window and it says: “apartment for rent”.
Stephanie: I have got eyes. I can see. Thank you.
Mark: I think I should go up and knock on the door and see if …
Stephanie: Are you being condescending to me?
Mark: Why do you say that Stephanie?
Stephanie: I just wondered. I was just joking. I don’t mind.

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