The Adventures of Roy Bean – Episode 1

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The Adventures of Roy Bean
cover art by Stan Alec Roberts
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This is Episode 1 of The Adventures of Roy Bean, a self-study listening and speaking Interactive Story course for intermediate level English language learners. Just listen to the story and answer the questions aloud.

Episode 1 – The American Bean

A lot of people know Mr. Bean from television. His real name is Rowan Atkinson. Are you a fan of Mr. Bean?

There is another Mr. Bean. His name is Roy Bean. He is not British. He is American. Have you ever heard of Roy Bean the American? There was a movie about him. Paul Newman was in it. Have you ever seen any Paul Newman movies?

I am going to tell you the story of Roy Bean. I will tell you the story in the form of an interactive story. That means the story will contain questions. Answer the questions. Just make the answers up. Use your imagination. Practice your English. Say your answers aloud.

Roy Bean was born in Kentucky in 1825. Do you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken? Roy Bean’s family was very poor, so he left home at an early age. At what age did you leave home?

Roy Bean worked on a river barge in New Orleans. What is the name of the river that flows down to New Orleans?

You can see he started poor. Do you think that being poor in early life stamps your character forever?

Roy Bean got into some kind of trouble in New Orleans. Do you know anything about New Orleans? What kind of trouble do you think Mr. Bean got into in New Orleans?

In order to get out of trouble, Mr. Bean left New Orleans. He traveled to Texas. What other famous people do you know from Texas?

Roy’s brother, Sam Bean, lived in San Antonio. Sam Bean was six years older than his brother. Do you have an older brother?


To listen to the rest of the story, download the full version now: The Adventures of Roy Bean.

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  1. Wanderley R. Silva says:

    Excellent history

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    Really use full to me …..thank u for your support for my learning

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    thanks a lot for interesting story and please sent me more stories listening and speaking

  4. Shireen says:

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    The American Bean, is good story, it increase my knowledge, please send me more stories like this, it will increase knowledge and improve english as well. thanks a lot.

  5. waleed hammam says:

    it iS useful story for me

  6. shireen Sultan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sending us “Episode 1 – The American Bean. It is amazing way of teaching. In this way one use their imagination, crate new idias, imrove English reading and writing. It is unique technique of teaching Englis slowly. Thanks a lot.
    Send more stories like this.

    All the best.

    Shiree Sultan

  7. Ahamed says:

    Story is good, I really enjoy it. I learn a lot of things, thanks for this posting

  8. malihe says:

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    Story is good, I really enjoy it. I learn a lot of things, thanks for this posting Dear Sir,

    The American Bean, is good story, it increase my knowledge, please send me more stories like this, it will increase knowledge and improve english as well. thanks a lot.

  11. pari says:

    thank you for your stories.pleas send me more.

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    it’s a good story..

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    it’s really a fantastic story ,i have never heard it before .

    it’s surely useful and helpful to learn how to speak and write a brilliant english language .

    thank you very much for this greatest and this super- powerful efforts .

  14. Souza says:

    Great audio, help my listenig a lot

  15. Ash says:

    Thank you
    The story was very clear and I understand all vocablary of story .

  16. Kien Cuong says:

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  19. mohamed eltahir says:

    rhe american been alot of peopel knew mr been in tv there is anothe mr been he is now rich he is american he has move about him have ever ssn moved i will to you story about him
    use your imagintion say your answer a loud
    roy been was born in kn 1985 roy family was ver boor he left his family in early eag what is river to flow down to newlearn is that stamp your character for ever
    roy got som kind of trevell to newlearn what kind of travel you thinking you gotted in order he left newlearn to tk what other famous do you know sames brther leave in sam same is an older brother do you have an older brother.

  20. Issa says:

    I think these types of story are very useful for us who do not english very well, so I always listen to these strories

  21. Javier Charry says:

    Thanks is a god job, i need your help,i like speek in english

  22. evana says:

    amazing story,,,always touch heart every people who read it….
    thank you so much

  23. thelosingdream42 says:

    I think the being poor in early life may be led into get the right way to choose his goal in his life early

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    Thank you, is very interesting because I need listen and pronouns English, I want to speak English very well. See you next time.

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