The Adventures of Roy Bean – Episode 1

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The Adventures of Roy Bean
cover art by Stan Alec Roberts
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This is Episode 1 of The Adventures of Roy Bean, a self-study listening and speaking Interactive Story course for intermediate level English language learners. Just listen to the story and answer the questions aloud.

Episode 1 – The American Bean

A lot of people know Mr. Bean from television. His real name is Rowan Atkinson. Are you a fan of Mr. Bean?

There is another Mr. Bean. His name is Roy Bean. He is not British. He is American. Have you ever heard of Roy Bean the American? There was a movie about him. Paul Newman was in it. Have you ever seen any Paul Newman movies?

I am going to tell you the story of Roy Bean. I will tell you the story in the form of an interactive story. That means the story will contain questions. Answer the questions. Just make the answers up. Use your imagination. Practice your English. Say your answers aloud.

Roy Bean was born in Kentucky in 1825. Do you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken? Roy Bean’s family was very poor, so he left home at an early age. At what age did you leave home?

Roy Bean worked on a river barge in New Orleans. What is the name of the river that flows down to New Orleans?

You can see he started poor. Do you think that being poor in early life stamps your character forever?

Roy Bean got into some kind of trouble in New Orleans. Do you know anything about New Orleans? What kind of trouble do you think Mr. Bean got into in New Orleans?

In order to get out of trouble, Mr. Bean left New Orleans. He traveled to Texas. What other famous people do you know from Texas?

Roy’s brother, Sam Bean, lived in San Antonio. Sam Bean was six years older than his brother. Do you have an older brother?


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