Carmen – Episode 5

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This is Episode 5 of Carmen, a self-study listening and speaking Interactive Story course for intermediate level English language learners. Just listen to the story and answer the questions aloud.

Episode 5 – The Kiss of Passion

Suddenly the moonlight shone in the window. Everything was clear. Was Carmen’s face illuminated by the moonlight? Was Jose’s face illuminated by the moonlight? Jose relented. In a moment of madness, Jose relented.

Suddenly the moonlight shone in the window, the light changed and Jose relented. Do you sometimes change your mind and accept something after a long period of refusing to accept it?

Somehow the effect of the moonlight reflected in Carmen’s eyes had a hypnotic effect on Jose. He lost control. He forgot his dream. He forgot his sweetheart. He forgot everything. He even forgot his mother. Are you a forgetful person?

Jose took Carmen in his arms. He kissed her.

He took her in his arms. He took her in his arms and he kissed her passionately. He kissed her furiously. He kissed her furiously and passionately. Is kissing uncommon in your culture?

He rained kisses on her. He rained kisses on her as the ocean rains waves on the beach.

Each kiss was like a flower of spring blooming in his heart. His heart was filled with passion. His heart was filled with desire. His heart was filled with love. Do you conflate the terms “passion”, “love” and “desire”?

Sometimes people kiss as a greeting. Sometimes people kiss like birds making love. Each culture has a different attitude to kissing. What is the attitude to kissing in public in your culture?

Passive Focus

Ok to sum up… the moon shone in the window and this illuminated Carmen. Her face was illuminated in the moonlight. Jose lost control. He rained kisses on Carmen. The is the part where Jose is seduced by Carmen or should we say Carmen is seduced by Jose? Hmmm… Carmen is kissed by Jose. What do you think? Was Carmen seduced by Jose or was Jose seduced by Carmen?


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