The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Write

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This recording is a sample of Episode One of The Farmer’s Dream. It is based on a story by Lafcadio Hearn. You should listen to the recording and write down what the man and little girl say:

Little Girl:
Storyteller: The Farmers Dream … Episode One.
Storyteller: The dream of the Japanese farmer
Storyteller: Once upon a time there was a Japanese farmer.
Storyteller: Are you a farmer?
Little Girl:
Little Girl:
Storyteller: Is your father a farmer?
Little Girl:
Little Girl:
Storyteller: This Japanese farmer lived on the side of a hillside.
Storyteller: Do you live on the side of a hillside?
Storyteller: In the distance there was a castle.
Storyteller: Have you ever been inside a Japanese castle?
Little Girl:
Little Girl:
Storyteller: Have you ever seen pictures of the castle at Himeji?
Little Girl:
Storyteller: The farmer was just a peasant. He never went to the castle…


To check your answers, check the full transcript: The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Read.

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36 Responses to “The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Write”

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  1. shamshoom says:

    it’s amazing…wonderful

  2. Jebreal I.Sadaqah says:

    Dears Mark and Aaron

    I thank you very much for this storry, and it’s record.
    but the girl sound wasn’t clear unty of I didn’t anterstand for her.

    • villot says:

      hi! thank you, very much for this storry, i found out a lot of things in the Japanese farmer life, i love Japan, i have been in Japan 2 years ago, on hollydays, great! good work!.

  3. bear berry says:

    Hi sir,madam
    I’m very happy to get such lessons.I got more knowledge about your lessons.

  4. agt. says:

    It seems a good story, I would like to know if the Japanese farmer could be inside
    the castle.Thank you.

  5. masoud says:

    thank you so much,i am waiting for new one,please send it
    best regards

  6. sayanora says:

    I like this, thanku for this. It is very useful for me

  7. shama'a says:

    hi to everybody :):):)

    thank you it’s very nice style of aconversation.
    i admired the repeating style so i want alot like that.
    again thank you v. much.

    god bless you.

    my regards ……………………..

  8. sherlie garcia says:

    Thank you for the help.. I can’t understand what the story tell clearly.. I’m wait for another chapter again 🙂

  9. Hassan says:

    Hello dears
    Thank you for your efforts

  10. rosi says:

    Thank you Mark , Thank you Aaron for yours work and lessons .
    All the best

  11. Motinius says:

    My father is a farmer too & i lived in a remote village

  12. hamed says:

    hello im hamed .

  13. lechiheb says:

    ESSELEMOU ALAYKOM (PEACE ON YOU EVERY BODY) theese files seem good to improve my language thanks.
    i ask for somebody to communicate with me by skype so i can improve more in english.

  14. Arrashid OMAR says:

    I LIKE FARMER work because my fatherwas a farmers for so long time in sudan and we use to get money from there so that i have to respect every farmer in all over the world,thanks

  15. Arrashid OMAR says:

    i need some body who has experiments on management ,more please come up with your idea iam in need to all issues related to the management so as to help my self to do my work very perfectly,thanks for all teachers for their efforts to delivery messages and let studan’t understand,i appreciate ,but please teach me on management skills,keep up good job well done

  16. Arrashid OMAR says:

    thank you very much ,iam glad to have topic every moment ,and next coming time ar hours i will interduces my self more ,so many thanks for those whom are created those nice topic ,cheer arrshid from sudan

  17. Parham khajehpour says:

    Thank you for your listing part.I could understand of this passage Japanese’s perseverance.They usually work hard with great discipline.

  18. Ilyas Amin says:

    Hi dears,

    Thank you so much for sending me the useful lesson for the listening, and the sound of little girl was not clear I couldn’t hear that. and the rest were very good and clear.

    Skype: ilyas_life

  19. jose carlos cardoso de lima says:

    There are many farmers here in Brazil … they raise soybeans, corn, wheat … but they are not poor, life has a high standard. My father is a farmer, has 60 acres is not rich but has a high standard of living, two new car, home on the farm in the city … Thank God for Brazil has changed a lot …

  20. lechiheb says:

    good thank you for this story i’m sure i will improve enchaALLAH.

  21. hamid says:

    hi dears
    thanks for your help this is one of well story for listening .

  22. Lavender says:

    Thanks for sending me the useful one

  23. Ash says:

    The story was very clear in recorder I understand every word .
    Thank you …
    I’m waitting for mor .

  24. Ali Aboelwafa says:

    It’s a wonderful piece of listening. However, I think it is too slow. I wish it were faster. Thanks a lot for your effort, anyway.

  25. Adelina says:

    I like this material, thanks you so much for it, I´m sure you are the most excelent people. With this,I can practice my pronunciation and improve my english language.
    regards to you

  26. shimaa says:

    thanks forever you are marvelous people

  27. Cynthik says:

    I haven’t been in a japanese castle. Should be an extraordianry experience.
    I love all the interactive stories. Thank you so much, for these stories and its recordings. I really enjoy learning in this way! big hug!

  28. Dears Mark and Aaron
    HI, How are you ? I hope you are fine !
    i have listen to the Japanese farmer story many times , and i have noticed that the voice of the man was clear but the voice of little girl was not clear and very low , but i have understood the whole story in general, and i have tried to write what i listen , it was not so easy .
    So i thank you very much for your new method for helping me to improve my English .
    with my greetings

  29. Marcio Clovis says:

    Outstanding! This activity is really excelent! I’m never ever think about to missing some sentences to try to understand them. Thumb up!

  30. winutih says:

    thanks has been sent me this teaching materials it is very useful for my class

  31. alanesi says:

    Hello dears,

    I really THANK you for your hard works.

    kinest regards,

  32. fahmi says:

    i live in a village that still full of rice field, so there is a farmer life like my father..

  33. Argan megariansyah says:

    it’s wonderfull, thank to mr. Mark With & Aaron., keep spirit., 🙂

  34. Nguy?n H?ng Quy says:

    I don’t understand farmer’japanese but i see dream farmer in mycountry, they’re pool but always to smile

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