I Would Love to Hang Out With You!

The mantra is a very very powerful opening into the soul

See, Your soul is like constantly calling you and saying:

“I miss you. Where are you?
Why do you keep running round?
Why don’t you come home?
I have this wonderful meal cooked for you.
I would love to hang out with you.
Let’s take a bath together
Let’s sing songs together.
Will you hang out with me?”

And we are out looking for him or her … going:

“Where is she?
Where is he?”


… Furiously looking through the personals … you know?

Getting on J date.

Getting on this date.

Getting on that date.


You know?

What are you going to get?

Where will it go?

When is there ending to the ending?

There is no ending to the ending.

Making plans. Making plans. Making plans.

Right up to the moment you die.

Planning planning planning.

God what a drag!

World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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  1. Lucas says:

    Thanks I needed this

  2. babar says:

    i m from pakistan. i m new n want to speak english.i m weak to speak. any body csn help.i will b thankful to u.

  3. Sinet Meas says:

    Hi everyone! how are you all ? I I’m from Cambodia , I really happy to learn English with all of you

  4. Helen Girma says:

    Hey everyone,
    My name is Helen Girma.I am from Ethiopia.I have got some of the lessons since the time i subscribed to the program.I have drawn lots of lessons from modules.I do really want to extend my appreciation for program.if any of you are interested to join me,you are well come.you can mail me via :helengirma111@yahoo.com.

    Helen G.

  5. Srikanth says:

    i am srilankan tamil, i studying IELTS i would like to learn English. i speak little bit English, please anyone help me. my email id srikanthan89@live.com

  6. mohd shuja says:

    Hi I am mohd shuja from India .I like this training course i have learned some new things from this course …but I want to speak and talk to other people…
    my gmail id = mohdshuja2011@gmail.com
    and Skype id= shuja20123
    Thank you to all..plz contact me

  7. berta says:

    Hi everyone, I am new in this talking group, can any of you help me to improve mu english, excuse if you can”t understand my english…



  8. fady says:

    Howdy? How are you all ? How is everything? I allegedly assume that I have a big deal knowledge of English ,British or American, spoken and written with some secretive tips I hope to share other what I know bcz we have been ordained by our religion to reveal and sread knowledge which is power, anyway, it’s honor to help anyone waiting for you ….
    my email is: instructor.your@yahoo.com

  9. vipul waghela says:

    hi friends. i am form India. i want to speak learning fluent English. i always trying to learn English on online.i want to request my friends help me together.my facebboe name vipulwaghela
    & my skp id vipulwaghela1989

  10. nazurdeen says:

    Sory correction mhnazurdeen@mail.com

  11. nazurdeen says:

    Hi there!I’m nazurdeen my email ad is mhnaurdeen@gmail.com

  12. nazurdeen says:

    Hi there!
    hope u r doing well.I’d like to keep in touch with u to improve my English.if u r interested drop me a line.i look forward hearing from any one.

  13. trinh says:

    hi there, I’m Trinh, from vietnam. I’m trying to communicate Eng everyday but there’s just no chance. I’d love to talk to everyone, e-mail me:theturkeyzflying_o@yahoo.com

  14. kelly says:

    Hi every one. I’m Kelly. I’m 23 years old. I hope we will learn English together.

  15. Ricky says:

    Hai Everyone,my name is Ricky,male,i’am 29 years old.
    I still learn about english conversation ,so please help me,we can learn together.
    this is my email addrees ” rfvs99@gmail.com“.
    please feedback

  16. AA Muhammad says:

    hi, i need helps to gain my ability in english…

  17. Martin says:

    Hi.How are you to day,Ok interduce my self my name is martin from is East Timor.Please forget me because mesagem send new to here.So on day I went join to all member.See you,thanks

  18. saky says:

    sometime I love staying alone, but everyday if I stay alone, I’ll die of loneliness.^^
    so we need friendships,family and… I love this topic so much.

  19. emhe says:


    I really need to have an english convirsation with somebady.
    I don’t have a friend to speake English with so I will be grateful If anyone would like to email me at emhe_mas@yahoo.com

  20. Riffat says:

    Thank you very much for sending informative emails. i have improved my english alot.

  21. Shivendra sing h ` says:


  22. wassan says:

    hi everyone,,,
    this is wassan from jordan..i need to improve my english language..

  23. fatima ezzahra lazraq says:

    please Mohamed Anwar Hassan your E-mail.I want to have a driendship with you ,I’m fatima ezzahra lazraq ,20 years old ,student in EST hight university in essaouira and i’m so intrested to make conversations with others to improve my english and get a big skill also an important background in that language ,so hopping your friendship i hope to you as to all my new friends a good luck.to contact me this is my E-mail: ensa-1992@hotmail.fr

  24. fatima ezzahra lazraq says:

    hi every one im a new camer i want to be your friend.

  25. olfat says:

    Thank you and i want also to talk to you in english to improve my language skills

  26. sara says:

    I come from Vietnamese.

  27. sara says:

    I want to talk…Pls Help me! thnks

    • javed noori says:

      Hi dear friends,I wish good luck for you,and i want to be good study for all students that study very hard so i’m really we will be very good in next year thanks for them to help us every time be good and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. sami says:

    hi guys
    i am sami i want to improve my speaking.could you please contact with me.
    this is my Email

    • shafiullah says:

      i am shafil khan from afghanistan.i need to speak by english…if you guys want contact me you can …it,s my skype name


  29. Vinay says:


    Hi, friends…
    This is Vinay, I am from hyderabad, india.
    I am little bit bad with my english communication..
    could you people please help me in this matter. I want to improve my English.
    My mail address is “vinnu_60@yahoo.co.in”
    Thanks in Advance..

  30. Hafizullah says:

    Hi to all friend this is Hafizullah from Afghanistan I want to learn English and speak.its my skype id Hafizullah853


  31. Dodi Mhammad says:

    Hi , everyone …

    I would learn English more >>>

    Who is can help me ??

    just add me ” dodi.hamoodi@gmail.com

  32. madlin says:

    Hi this is madlin,from iran.a turkish girl,
    it’s my pleasure to get in touch with u.

  33. Ash says:

    I’m ash it’s my first chatting I perfer ladies to chat with .
    I want tell you something that the person be alone sometimes it’s good because when you be alone you can think with a quite and clear maind and you will give yourself a good soulutions for many problems .
    You try my way you or other choices .

  34. saly says:

    i trust in god. i love him. intersting comments, i want to speak englis with an native speaker ,couse i’m a peruvian. saly_295@hotmail.com.

  35. HÜLYA says:

    Hello friends, I am from Turkey and ?zmir. I want to learn English and speak.
    Do you help me about this situation?

  36. Muhammad Bahgat says:

    Hi mohamed anwar

    I just want to tell U that all things come to those who wait but sometimes they come a little late.
    You must have faith and trust in God
    And God be with you.

  37. evdosange says:

    hi guys,. I need a partner to help me improving my speaking,.. please add my YM at evdosange@yahoo.com
    i’m looking forward to chat and improve our english skill
    thank you..:)

  38. oussama says:

    i’am from morocco,i want to speak with a friend

    • shafiullah says:

      i am from afghanistan i want to speak with friend by english ..i love to speaking by english

      • hunar wafa says:

        salam dear shafiullah jan.. how are you i hope you are doing very well… if you want to learn real conversation in English then i will be so glad to help you with your English if is that ok with you.. you can Email me by this email.. munir789@live.com thanks very much.. i am so glad to help my country people.. anyway have a wonderful evening chat you later.. take good care of your self

      • adel says:

        I am from yemen i like to talke with you by english for to mix with different people from another countery who cant speak arabic.

  39. reza says:

    who are you parvana were are you frame and wath are you doing

  40. parvana says:

    i want to have a chat with you
    my emai adress palina84@mail.ru

  41. reza says:

    i want to speak with a friend regardless of jender or direction east or west badrimanesh.g@gmail.com

  42. My Dears Mark ND Aaron
    Hi, How are you ?
    Of course , i do not like to be alone ! , the oneness is very difficult !, . I plan for my future , for my success , for my goal, i always study English very seriously and carefully when i have fallen in love , to achieve my goal.
    But sometimes some things happen unexpected , and other things depend on slowly and
    poring system take long time to finish(end)the things are important and interesting for me in my country .
    All these things are out my control (out my willing), i must wait some of time to end these things , and nearly i will end these interesting things with God willing.9-11-2011

    • Muhammad Bahgat says:

      Hi mohamed anwar

      I just want to tell U that all things come to those who wait but sometimes they come a little late.
      You must have faith and trust in God
      And God be with you.

  43. ahmed says:

    i want to meet westren girl

  44. rayhane says:

    Hi dear friends. i like to have some chats with you via sending an email or online. it is a good way to enhance our English skills. have a good day.
    My g mail address is rm.hosseini@gmail.com

  45. sasi says:

    hi im looking forward to you to have a good communication in English… here is my mail..”cutesasi16@gmail.com”

  46. Nadira says:

    Hello every one!
    I’m a morrocan women,32years old and work in a laboratery of chimistry
    I want to learn English by conversation.
    This is my msn: nadira2804@hotmail.com

  47. BILAL says:

    hi!how are you
    I looking some good friend to improve english.Thats my e-mail bilal_sethi89@yahoo.com

  48. I Wayan Gara Gregory says:

    Thank you,

    It is nice to hear and very-very wonderful and powerful words.

    Again Thanks.

  49. Fariaa says:

    Hi!Its nice to have some friends when we are getting bore.

  50. deniz says:

    so i am looking for good friend to improve my english
    deniz_yenigelen26@hotmail.com this is my email id

  51. sabyasachi says:


    • mohd shuja says:

      hi,sabyasachi my name is shuja and my ID is mohdshuja2011@gmail.com
      I would like to talk to you because I am searching the person who
      is interested in improving english.send me mail if u r interested.
      I am waiting for u.
      And thanks to all of u .U r wellcome if anybody wants to talk to me
      please send me mail.
      Thanks alot.

  52. Ahmad Wahid Ashoor says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii to all….
    Hope you be happy ….

  53. karuna205 says:

    hi.my name is karuna i’m a embroidery designer.I’m looking for new friends to communicate in English also to improve my English skill .. Anyone feel free to add me as your friend ..Thxxx email karunamoorthy98@yahoo.co.in skype karuna.moorthy1

  54. karuna205 says:

    hi.my name is karuna i’m a embroidery designer.I’m looking for new friends to communicate in English also to improve my English skill .. Anyone feel free to add me as your friend ..Thxxx

  55. rajkumar says:

    i would like to speak english.. so i am looking for good friend to improve my english
    rajambal16@gmail.com this is my email id

  56. Tanja says:

    So nice to read this!!! I like you all!!!

  57. santi says:

    I dnt wanna be alone. Would u be my friends? It must be so nice when i have lots of friends like u , guys 😉 How r u there?

  58. vaniya says:

    Hi I am looking a good friend to practice speaking with too

  59. mohsen .f says:

    Hello I am 21 male from Iran
    i want to have fiends

  60. Sinan says:

    hi how r u everyone ? I m a student at university I wanna improve my english and have new friends to different culture. everyone can add me to talk more.

  61. Mohammed says:

    hi Sinan,
    Where are you from?

  62. Mohammed says:

    Hello Everyone,
    This is Mohammed from Cairo, Egypt.A 40 year old teacher of English Offering help and sooooooo

  63. Sinan says:

    hi guys how r u?

  64. man32 says:

    Hello, I would like to improve my English pronounce on skype,
    If anyone ready just send me message tell me some about on my email,

  65. Mohammed says:

    This is interesting and I think it can be very fruitful for teachers’ knowledge and language tasks.
    I’m a teacher of English as a second language from Egypt.If any body is interested, we may share experience.

  66. Mansour says:

    I like to joint chatting grope.

  67. abdel says:

    hi it’s very nice

  68. mohamed says:

    Hello everybody i’m Mohamed from Egypt 22 years old..i’d like to practice English with anyone actually i’m in a very good level because i work in an american which all the communications are in English so if anyone in interested to have some practicing with me don’t hesitate and add me up!! i’m waiting for you my dear friends.

    kabozza4 on skype

    Mohamed_matrix115@yahoo.com on facebook


  69. shore says:

    There is no ending to the ending…
    nice, I like it 🙂

    Thanks for interesting site…

  70. Andre Pereira says:

    Hi. Good afternoon.

    My name is Andre Pereira, I am from Jacarei – Sao Paulo/Brazil. I am 25 years old and I am looking for someone to study English with. I was invited to teach English for basic English students, but I think I have to improve before trying to teach someone the little I know.
    If you want to talk, please, add me on msn andreluisjc@hotmail.com I’ll be pleasured in talking to you and meeting new cultures.

    See ya new friends.

    Andre Pereira

    • Dwi says:

      Hi Andre, it’s surprised for reading your message, you come from Brazil, I love your country, especially Brazillian football

  71. marcio says:

    hello, friends..how are you?

  72. David says:

    I want to get my CPE

  73. David says:

    I want to get CPE

  74. REZA says:

    hi nice i like talk with u everyday
    and i wish u help me to improve my englishe

  75. Aya Koseki says:

    That’s romantic!

    I would like to!!

  76. saeed says:

    The God’s Enghlish Teacher is Mr. A.J Hoje
    I Like You.

  77. Fariba says:

    Hi friends , I am so glad that can talk with you.

  78. also i have try find a good Friend beacuase i want learn english speaking from them


  79. Behruz Khalili says:

    yes its nice to talk to some one.

  80. nahid says:


    life is nice if you want…

  81. seki says:

    hi, my name is sergelen
    i want to have a friend to have chat with me english
    i am looking for to have chat me friend

  82. Cynthik says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! what a great way to encourage us to practice more and more english. At the same time I felt so impressed, not only because this mantra says beautiful things. There is something else. The voice of this guy, oh my Gosh! is very deep and beautiful! I would like to hang out with him!!Just listening to him for hours.It reminded me the reading about grammar is music… We all have music I’m wondering if we are able to listen to each other’s music. Maybe each of us have a special mantra to share as a human being to every creature around.
    Everything might be different if we smell, touch, see, and listen to our environmet and mates music… I love you all! big hug!!

  83. REZA says:

    hi if somone like call with me pls send an email to my gmail

  84. Jayar says:

    Hi everyone! I’m jayar from Philippines. I also want to chat with you guys to help me improve my english… Here’s my gmail account alcesojayar@gmail.com . Looking forward to chatting with you guys!!!!

  85. Madina says:

    hi.The life is wonderfull)))))

    • Mohammed says:

      Hi Madina, When we talk about life we just say LIFE is interesting but Jack saved THE LIFE OF my dog SO I could lead A HAPPY LIFE.
      I hope you get it.
      If you need any help ,You are WELCOMED TO SEND ME shanbaki@yahoo.com

  86. amm says:

    well, things sometimes become too sophisticated and philosophical just and only just because we are working too hard to make sense of them, to make them as logical as a mathemathical equation, but we can’t.we end up finding a way out of the maze just to end up wandering in an other one,… Or may be the truth is the other way around…. the basis on which we always try to assess the truth and reality is not true… not real…

  87. nathasya says:

    Hy, where are you

  88. Ali says:

    I am Ali. An English teacher. I would like to have a freind to have chat to improve our English. ali_bama62@yahoo.com

  89. Riyas says:

    I thought something else.

  90. hi says:

    It is always nice to have some chat with friends like you!

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