The Economics of the Banking System

Clean-shaven guy: Minimize the federal government. When you have big state government, small federal government, our voices are heard at the local level. We can make differences. A whole continent wide cannot control a federal government with a banking system that prints money like it is paper. You can’t even call it money any more. Gold is money. Silver is money. Green dollars are not money.

Interjection: Right.

Clean-Shaven Guy: They are using inflation as a hidden tax to fuck the people. Prices go up. Do your wages go up? No! My wages didn’t go up but prices went up. Gas goes up. Milk goes up. Trains go up. How am I supposed to live? And this is all because our government prints too much money, starts too much wars, so they can sell their tanks, their guns, their missiles, because that is all America exports.

Another Voice: That is right.

Interjection: Exactly.

Another Interjection: Violence! They export violence!

Clean-Shaven Guy: guns, missiles and tanks. That’s it. We need to bring production back to America.

Interjection: That’s right.

Clean-Shaven Guy: End the federal reserve. End the fractional banking system. When you invest a hundred dollars in the bank, they multiply that by nine and they send it out nine different ways.They don’t just make money on the initial investment. They make it nine times the initial investment. That is fake money that is printed out of thin air. Fiat money. It is a fiat currency.

(In) 1913 this country died when we adopted the central bank and we got rid of sound money. We used to be able in 1913 to walk into a bank and redeem our dollars with gold. Can we do that any more? No! What is the price of gold now? Almost two thousand dollars. It has gone up six hundred dollars an ounce this year.

Interjection: It is gonna keep rising.

Clean-Shaven Guy: And it is gonna keep rising as long as we have bailouts, as long as we have quantitative easing, as long as our government keeps spending our money. Every dollar (that) the government takes in federal taxation is another dollar that they spent. Every time they spend money that is your money, that they send overseas. They bail out Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

When I fuck up, who bails me out? No-one. Why should Goldman Sachs get bailed out? Seven hundred billion dollars in 08. And they want more now. They want more. That wasn’t enough. … There is not gonna be a middle class in ten years. End the federal reserve. End the fractional banking system.

Interjection: End the fed.

Clean-Shaven Guy: Elect Ron Paul. End the war!

Interjection: Ron Paul 2012!

Clean-Shaven Guy: Sound money! Stop with the banksters printing money. Printing is debasing our currency, driving up our prices. We don’t need any more money in our economy. We got plenty in debt.

Interjection: No. No. No.

Clean-Shaven Guy: End the fed! End the fractional reserve system. End the wars! Get corporations out of our politics.

Female Voice: Yeah!

Clean-Shaven Guy: Out of our politics!

Interjection: Yeah!

Another Interjection: End corporate mercenaries!

Clean-Shaven Guy: Wall Street is rigged. When Wall Street owns a majority of thewealth, and they invest in Wall Street, they know when the market is gonna go up. They know when the market is gonna go down and they all make money while we all lose money. How is that fair? And then after thousands, trillions of derivatives, they want bailouts.They have the balls to ask us for bailouts. No more bailouts! No more printing of money. No more quantitative easing. End the federal reserve end the fractional reserve banking system. Sound money. Go back to a gold standard.

Interjection: Right.

Clean-Shaven Guy: The depression will be nothing compared to 1913 when it hits us. 1930 when the depression came will be nothing like it will be in the coming years. If we lose America, we have nowhere else to run for freedom. There is no country left that promotes free markets and corporations not in politics. There is no country that is gonna have their own sound currency. There is nowhere left to run. If we lose America, we lose the world to the elite. The one per cent will continue to get rich as we all live like slaves. If you think the way of life is bad now, you will all be living in projects like Hooverville.

We can not continue to print money. We cannot continue to debase our currency. We need to end the federal reserve. We need to get lobbyists, Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Merril Lynch, everyone out of our politics.

Why should they be allowed to throw millions at politicians so they do “what we want”. They are supposed to be our voice, not their voice. States Rights. When you minimize government, it is easier to control by the people. States rights. You need to give the rights back to the states. Minimize these government agencies like Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac loaned out money that private bankers would not loan out. People that they did not trust in. That is ridiculous. The government loaned money.

That is ridiculous. They took money out of all of your pockets. Instead of buying that car you wanted, those shoes you wanted, they put it towards a bridge in Iowa. Why don’t we just pay a state tax, a New York State tax that helps New York State and we pay a federal tax to police our borders. That is the only thing the federal government is here for… to keep our borders safe. Everything else should be on the state level. If you don’t like the policy in one state, you go to another state because that is how America was set up. America was not supposed to be uniform in policy. Each state was supposed to reflect the views and positions of everyone in that state. It is much easier to influence governors and mayors than presidents and vice-presidents. End the federal reserve. End the fractional banking system. Stop with the military industrial complex. Cease wars! We have our own problems. We don’t need to be in the Middle East. We don’t need to invade a new country every year to sell more weapons. The only thing that says: “made in America” are guns, missiles and tanks. Don’t forget that. Bring production back to America.

Bearded Guy: We don’t have any beef with the people around the world. It is not “us and them” nationalism. We don’t have any beef with the people around the world. We support people around the world who are in struggle with us. It is not the US versus them. That is not the kind of politics that is gonna move us forward.

Clean-Shaven Guy: We have our own problems.

Interjection: If there is anybody here who wants to protest police brutality, we are making a ……

(the sound of a drum)

Guy in a Hat: End the insane trade policies, that is what is gonna stop the rest of the stuff.
That is what is gonna make the difference. That’ll stop the rest of the stuff …

Somebody Else: Get a drink. Take your time …


The US central bank (the federal reserve) is not controlled by the people of America. It is a private bank. A private bank controls the US. Did you know that?

Have you ever worked in a bank?

Learn more about banks and the vocabulary of banking and economics and business at the banking page


the federal government
the state government
the local government

Does your country have a federal system?


the mayor
the president
the vice president
the governor
the prime minister
the king
the queen

What is the name of the mayor of your city?
What is the name of the leader of your country?

Passive Voice

Our voices are heard.
was set up
get bailed out

Phrasal Verbs

Prices went up.
Wages didn’t go up.

How am I supposed to live?

Find these phrasal verbs in the text:

set up
bail out
go up
get … out
fuck up (vulgar to some people)
bring back
take … out

Count and Non-Count Nouns

Milk goes up.
Trains go up.
Gas goes up.

Which nouns are count nouns?
Which nouns are not count nouns?

Present Continuous Tense

They are using inflation.

Business English Noun Phrases

the fractional reserve banking system
the federal reserve
fiat money
a fiat currency
federal taxation
trillions of derivatives
a gold standard
free markets
the military industrial complex

link to Zeitgeist movement

Vocabulary – The Military Industrial Complex

After World war Two President Eisenhower coined the phrase “military industrial complex” to describe the powerful and dangerous group of organizations that produce and sell weapons and create wars all over the world.

You can watch a video of the original speech at this link: Military Industrial Complex

Does your country produce weapons?
Which countries produce the most weapons?
Write your answer in the “comments” section below.

Vocabulary – Reading

Look at the vocabulary. Which words from the list can you find in the text?

machine guns
land mines
fighter aircraft
armored vehicles

Reading quickly for specific information is called scanning. This skill is important for the IELTS test.

Do you have to do an IELTS test?

Reading a Long Text

You can read a long text at this link: Reading


You can write an essay for IELTS practice at this link: IELTS writing

Collocations with “Money”

sound money
fiat money
fake money
counterfeit money


When you have big state government, our voices are heard.
When you invest a hundred dollars, they multiply that by nine.

Learn more about conditionals at this link: Conditionals

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