Science and Technology – Free Energy Now!

(Do not be confused by the simultaneous German translation of this important lecture by former US astronaut Brian O’Leary.)

Brian O’Leary: So someday I see … envision … small solid state devices that could go into your circuit breaker box or under the hood of your car.

There is also cold fusion which is also called low temperature non-radioactive nuclear reactions.

There is a lot of confusion about cold fusion.

Two University of Utah chemists, Stanley Ponz and Martin Fleishmann discovered that when you put a palladium cathode into a solution of heavy water, nuclear reactions would occur on the cathode. (There was) No radioactivity but (there was) a great deal of heat (that) resulted in the reactions and the formation of helium from hydrogen. Since 1989 there have been many replications of these experiments and yet twenty years later the mainstream media is just beginning to “discover” cold fusion.

Then we also have advanced hydrogen and water technologies. These are special forms of water and hydrogen that can produce more energy than goes into the system as measured by traditional means.

So for the past 100 years, since the time of Tesla, there have been hundreds of new energy researchers but they have been suppressed by powerful interests.

Only with modest investments can we make the necessary breakthroughs. (Big investors will not create new technology; they will suppress it)

Now many mainstream scientists including myself about thirty years ago quoted our own “bibles” that basically said:

“This violates the laws of thermodynamics

Well the laws of thermodynamics are not laws. They’reonly theories that apply to a certain narrow range of conditions. And this is one case in which mainstream science is corrupted. (There are) many other examples too…..


Soon there will be small energy devices to power your car or house for free. This technology has been around for a long time but it has been suppressed.

Prepositional Phrases

into your circuit breaker box
under the hood of your car

Phrases That Show Existence

There is/there are is the main phrase showing “existence” in English.

There is also cold fusion.

There is a lot of confusion about cold fusion.

there is – there are
there was – there were
there has been – there have been

The Vocabulary of Motor Vehicles

Which phrase is American and which one is British?

under the hood of your car
under the bonnet of your car

in the trunk of your car
in the boot of your car

Word Family

radio (noun)
radioactive (adjective)
radiation (noun)
radioactivity (noun)
radiate (verb)

Do you listen to the radio?
Plutonium is radioactive.
Radiation from plutonium is harmful to life.
The level of radioactivity in Fukushima is still high.
The sun radiate(s) heat and light.

Discussion – Radiation in Japan

The amount of radiation that has been put out by the meltdown at Fukushima equals 29 Hiroshima bombs. It has still not been contained. The reactor is still leaking. Do you think Japan should end nuclear fission, which is dirty and dangerous and convert to nuclear fusion which is clean and safe?

Do you think vested interests prevented the conversion from fission to fusion?

Present Continuous Tense

The mainstream media is just beginning to “discover” cold fusion.

Has the mainstream media been corrupted by commercial (advertising) interests?

Do you trust the mainstream media?

Where do you get your news?

Write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

The Vocabulary of Nuclear Technology


a fission reaction
a fusion reaction

splitting the atom
joining two atoms

What is the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?

Present Perfect Passive

have been suppressed

Free energy devices have been suppressed.
Who have they been suppressed by?

The Water Car

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The theme of the course is “the suppression of free energy technology

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The Water Car

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