Do You Watch Documentaries?

document (noun) – an official word for a piece of paper, such as a legal document
documentary (noun) – a video program that tells the truth – a factual program

Do you watch documentaries?

(the sound of a telephone ringing)

Hello. Hey man.

You know what tonight is?
Do you know what tonight is?

It’s documentary night.
It is documentary night.

What did you hear?

film night
television night
documentary night
Tuesday night

Work is over. It is a weekday night.

a week day night – Monday to Thursday nights
a week end night – Friday, Saturday or Sunday night

(I am) Gonna watch a documentary because it makes me feel alright

a glass of wine or beer in cans
I gather with my friends
to make my demand

a can of beer – a few cans of beer
a glass of wine – a few glasses of wine

Tell us about Your Weekly Routine

Have you got a documentary night in your life? Is it part of your weekly routine?

A documentary night is when you gather with friends to watch documentaries and then afterwards maybe talk about them and go for a walk and have a cup of coffee.

documentaries, you can watch them with your friends
documentaries they can change the world
documentaries they are ways to learn
documentaries you can see the ends of the earth on film in front of you

When you have got a “watch a documentary night”, …
When you have got a little love in your heart, …
When you have just done a fart, …
When you are going on about life and art, …

Which one did you hear?

it makes me feel alright
it makes me feel good

It makes me feel alright.
You know it makes me feel alright?
Do you know that it makes me feel alright?

Which one did you hear?

Lifestyle and Routine

Do you have a documentary night in your weekly routine?

a film night
a card night
a jam night
a pub night

a television night
a no television night

a quiet afternoon with friends
a coffee shop afternoon

What is your favourite coffee shop anywhere in the world. Tell us on:


I personally hate shopping but a lot of people like it … with coffee.

a theatre night
a cafe night

a cinema night
How do you celebrate? How do you have fun? Do you do things like that or what?

Which phrase did you hear?

There’s a little thing I like to do …
There’s something that I like to do …

on occasion

no hesitation
without hesitation

the world
this world
the next world

a better place
the same place
a worse place

Documentary Films

What are the best documentaries?

Can you recommend a documentary?

Have you ever been to a documentary festival? Tell us about it.

Some people watch only documentaries. Are you one of those people? Give us some links to the best ones.

Write the URLs in the comments section below.

Turn us on.
Make us feel good
Broaden our minds.
Blow us away!

Link to an audio about a man who was blown away.

A European Documentary, which was shot in India.

Check this link to a bunch of German and Swiss guys making a documentary film in India about a European mystic:

The Movie and Television Page

Did you have fun?

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