Science and Technology – the Magnetic Motor

(Do not be confused by the simultaneous German translation of this important lecture by former US astronaut Brian O’Leary (1940-2011).)

dedicated to Brian O’Leary (1940-2011)

Brian O’Leary: Brian O’Leary: Well. Let’s do it.
The Translator: ………..
Blonde Guy: This is provable stuff? You are saying these guys have hardware and it already works, right?

The Magnetic Motor

Brian O’Leary: Oh yeah. This is the result of … this is a trip I took about ten years ago all around the world…for example Paramahamsa Tewari has a magnetic motor … (for) which …the Government of India has actually given him money and laboratory space to develop this.

He starts it up as a generator and then he unplugs it and it becomes a free running motor … free running generator. Other way around.

Word Family

genius (the original root?)

just generalizing

genetically modified food
gene pool
gene splicing

Shuji Inomata – Clean Energy Device

Brian O’Leary: Shuji Inomata has another such device in Japan.

a similar device
another device
another such device
another similar device

Which one did you hear?

the forward button
the reverse button
the play button
the pause button
the stop button

Let’s see. (let us see)
Let me see.

Now I am trying to press the forward button here.

Now I am trying to press the play button here.

Brian O’Leary: Ah! Here is some more! (exclamation of surprise)

Brown’s Gas

Brian O’Leary: Some of you may have heard of Yul Brown. He developed “Brown’s Gas.

Do you get gas after eating beans?

What about potatoes?

Brain O’Leary: and also to actually run cars on water.

it looks like I am not

The Translator: It is just going to the next slide.
Brain O’Leary: Alright. Ok.

This is a welding device that was developed from Yul Brown’s gas.

A Retired Engineer with an Alternative Power Source

Sparky Swede. I talked about that in the workshop this afternoon. He is a retired engineer from General Electric and he has in his hand a specially conditioned magnet which lit up a bank of light bulbs.

Next slide, please.

A Re-incarnated Nikola Tesla

John Hutchensen, Canadian inventor. He was sort of like a reincarnated Nikola Tesla and he was able to create

and he thrashed it with huge amounts of energy

A Brilliant Theoretician

Tom Bearden. He is a little … And he is a brilliant theoretician of free energy. He wrote a book called “Energy from the Vacuum”. It is very technical but his bottom line is the electrical engineers have the equations all wrong and they neglect the most important term.

the scalar term

Scientific Terminology

Do you know Maxwell’s equations?

Do you know the laws of thermodynamics?

Brian O’Leary: These things are very hard to explain, by the way ….

hard to explain
easy to explain

Link to Video about Japanese Water Car

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