What Currency Is Used In Your Country?

According to some it is about protecting civilians.

according to a few
according to some
according to many
according to most
according to everybody

Which phrases did you hear?

President Obama – Resolve

Obama: And our resolve is clear. The people of Libya must be protected.

Did you know that Obama was born in Hawaii?

Which phrase did you hear?

the people of Libya must be protected
the people of Libya deserve to be protected
the people of Libya have a right to be protected

The only reason they are interested in Libya is oil.
The only reason they are interested in Libya is democracy.
The only reason they are interested in Libya is broccoli.

Us and Them

Do you think we would be in Iraq if the chief export there was broccoli?

Write your answer in the “comments” section below.

But some are convinced that it is all about currency.

Link to: the Currency Page

Which phrase did you hear?

nobody is convinced
some are convinced
some people are convinced
most are convinced
most people are convinced
everybody is convinced

The Man with the Long Beard

“It is one of these things which you must plan almost in secret because as soon as you say you are going to change over from the dollar to something else, you are going to be targeted. There were two conferences on this … called the World Mertaba Conference, … organised by Gaddafi….

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Voice of Female Narrator: Gaddafi didn’t give up. Two months before the intervention he ……

to create this new currency that would rival the euro and the dinar.

Mathematics Question – National Reserves of Gold

Libya has 144 tons of gold
The UK has double that but ten times the population.

What is the ratio of tons of gold per head of population in Libya?
What is the ratio of tons of gold per head of population in the UK?

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom.


Language Notes – Can you complete the transcript?

If Gaddaffi had an intent to reprice his oil

or maybe launch a gold dinar currency

any move such as that would not be welcomed by the power elite that control the world’s banks

the world’s central banks

It has happened before.

In 200 Saddam Hussein announced that Iraqi oil would be traded in euros and not dollars.

The Currency page
The Money Page

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39 Responses to “What Currency Is Used In Your Country?”

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  1. Ejeg says:

    Sorry now I’m not our country currency. I attend University socilogy department I’m first year student. Please send me sociological material.


  2. ngoc vien says:

    Thanks all! It very good.Iam from Vietnam.HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Adelina says:

    I´m from Mexico and my currency is “pesos” I think talk about currency we are using are very interesting, Today I learnt about currency are used in different part of the world. Thank you so much.

  4. sharafat khan says:

    I am from Afghanistan in the currency used in my country is Afghani.one US dollar around 48 Afghani

  5. abdu says:

    my curr.. libyan gold dinar so one day it will be and American will see .

    i am sorry every one have a turn and our turn will be.

    i do like will be , because they will be our curr..

    tank you , all love not …….

  6. Johni says:

    I am from Indonesia and the currency used in my country is Rupiah. One US dollar around 9000 Rupiah.

  7. eny rosiati says:

    American government is always use the name of human rights to economic interests.
    American government does not really defend human rights but tried how America is not bankrupt. American government felt threatened by a stronger currency euro . all countries have the right to set its own policy. why America should intervene in other state policy issues.American government is paranoid.what if Indonesia change the currency turn to gold dinar currency, should American intervene??????………..

  8. Sukhwinder singh says:

    Hi! I am sukhwinder from India(Punjab).My country currency is Rupees Exchange rate is $1=52rupees. My english was very bad but now i fell very well. Enlish conversation is very good. Thanks a lot for that. Happy New Year 2012 😀

  9. gung12345 says:

    I am from China and 6.3901/6.3945 RMB = 1 Dollar.

  10. Irfan says:

    I am indian, currency Rupees. Anybody wants to have conversation in Englidh with me.

  11. I am Humaira i live in pakistan and the currency used here pakistane Ruopia. One US dollar around 89.50 ruopia.

  12. sukron says:

    Hi everybody,
    my name is Sukron, i’m from Indonesia.
    my country used US dollar.
    1 dollar = around 9 thousand Rupiah
    (sorry, my english is bad)

  13. nasser says:


  14. Abba says:

    My Country Currency my Country used dinner before it was high Exchange but after too much war be very Down and it no thing’s my Country very rich have sea oil underground and more than it gas but still have too much poor people not find to eating it all because the war i remember in 1980 one dinner Againts America Currency i hate the war so much the war great new problem’s orphen children’s and widow women thank you so much really i am interesting from this topic i meaning currency subject

  15. mohamed eltahir says:

    Is the people in libya sharing we in humunterian that is strong reason to be protect the civilians. some people say all reasone they are intrested in libya oil and another said the currency . no body thinking about the chilern and who are leaving without light and future . and the womens facing the regim in order to liberation the covernment regim in libya it dosent deserve to be more the stay because the people in libya deserving the democracy

  16. Alice Zhang says:

    I am from china. The currecy is RMB in my country. Exchange rate is 1 US Dollar=6 RMB Yuan. I always think that USA is most greedy country in the world. the real purpose that USA launch the war is for oil or gold or stopping the other country’s development, never for protecting the people in the world.

    • Mark White says:

      President Eisenhower warned the American people about the military industrial complex when he finished his term of office at the end of the fifties.

      Unfortunately politicians in the Bush area seem to have worked for the oil industry and the military industrial complex to pervert the course of development in the world.

      Have you seen this video where Eisenhower warns the people about the dangers of the military industrial complex … the power of it! It can even control governments!

      Check out the video on this page:


      • Yes, Eisenhower issued that “warning.” But it was nothing but a cover for himself. He had immensely and deliberately increased that military-industrial-complex along with the so-called intelligence complex. Eisenhower vastly increased the CIA’s and military’s joint actions around the world, overthrowing governments so their countries money systems and natural resources could be controlled.

        There’s one important step yet to take to get to the top truth about it all.

        My website takes that step and offers The American Solution. American, yes, but readers in other countries will find the information valuable, too.

        Let’s MAKE it a Happy New Year in 2012!

        James T. Laffrey
        – English teacher in VietNam
        – founder of the Equal Party USA

        • Eamonn O'Reilly says:

          Remarkable! The founder of the “Equal Party” is a common or garden anti-jew. Obviously some pigs are more equal than others.

          The moderator should ckeck out this christian nazi’s website and block his posts.

  17. sunildas says:

    hi iam sunildas from india , working in sharjah my currency is ruppee 1$ IS 52RS

  18. endru says:

    And if that’s true, America attacked Iraq and Libya for oil and gold, that means that America is real evil; a monster.

    • behzad says:

      yes of course,but I think that there are much more other reasons like that, such as the Capitalism and the accumulation of money and capital in one area specially in giant corporations hands so just one percent(1%)people have the worth of 99% percent and it’s the rule of global society.so the poor will be poorer and the rich will become more rich as the medicine,weaponary companies etc.

  19. FADHEL says:

    The currency is used in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal(SR).

  20. endru says:

    According to my opinion, black gold is the only reason for America attacking Iraq and Libya and you know that for sure.

  21. Sheikh says:

    My country is Somalia,our currency is Shilling, but I live in Norway we use Krone

  22. Fathi says:

    my country is libya,and use currency is denar,exchange rate is 1$=1.28ld

  23. VALERIYA says:

    My country is Uzbekistan, and use currency is Sum, exchange rate is 1$ = 1 781sum

  24. Horth Si Ath says:

    My country : Cambodia use currency Riel the rate of exchange with US currency is
    4050riels =$1.

  25. Robert says:


    I am from Poland.
    My country’s currensy is the z?oty / PLN/.
    1$=3.5 PLN.
    Have a Great Time.
    Happy New Year.

  26. hardin says:

    i’m hardin, i’m from indoensian. i really that my english is very bad. so can you teach me, ..

  27. Your cnversation classes are fantastic

  28. mythinh says:

    according to some
    the people of Libya must be protected
    The only reason they are interested in Libya is oil
    some are convinced
    in my country, currency is vietnamdong
    have a good day everybody ^^

  29. Piroska says:

    In my country in Hungary we use to pay Hungarian Forint /HUF/
    Today 1 Euro is 310 Ft, 1 US Dollar is 240 Ft. These are used
    in foreign trade.

  30. ezden faraj says:

    thanks alot
    our currency is denarius

  31. mohamed omar says:

    Hi, thanks a lot , it is good lesson, and happy new year

  32. Nguyen Vu Hai says:

    according ti some
    the people of Libya deserve to be protected

  33. Nhan says:

    nice one, thanks a lot 🙂

  34. Nivan Gomes says:

    Very good stuff.

    Thank You all!

    Happy New year!

    Nivan Gomes
    Brazilian Professional Football Coach

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