The Story of the USA – The Sixties


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The Sixties Revolution Period

The story of the USA is a long and complicated story.

complicated – complex

The story has many chapters and many themes.

the main theme

One of the important periods in the history of the United States is “the Sixties”, which describes the period of new direction after World War Two and the conservatism of the fifties.

new direction
new directions

conservative – conservatisim

The influences around the sixties social revolution in the west began in the fifties and continued after into the seventies and beyond.

the fifties
the sixties
the seventies

Anti-Vietnam War Protest

The war in Vietnam is not our war.
Hell no!
We won’t go!
Hell no!
We won’t go.

What exactly did you hear?

We ain’t gonna go.
We are not going to go.

Hey. How are you doing?

for eternity

Draft Cards

A draft card is a number in a lottery which the government uses to choose soldiers. If you win, you become a soldier. If you lose, you are free. Or is it the other way around?

Somebody burned their draft card.

Do you have a draft card?
Do you have to do military service?
Have you ever done military service?

Is there compulsory military service in your country?

What is the situation?

What exactly did you see?

Don’t fight.
No fighting!

We are not against the Soldiers

We are not against the soldiers.
We are against the war.

Are you for me or against me?
Are you for them or against them?
Are you for us or against us?

Taking sides means being polarised.

Whose side are you on?
Which side are you on?

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was a famous writer (poet and novelist) of the sixties.

Don’t become polarised.
If you become polarised, you can be manipulated.

There are no enemies.
We are all friends.
Let’s work together.

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23 Responses to “The Story of the USA – The Sixties”

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  1. david says:

    ?like pease , dis like war

  2. Jaime says:

    Hello my name is Jaime, I’m 53 years old and I live in Santiago de Chile I think the sixties changed to the United States and the world forever
    They were dramatic years, I remember the Vietnam War and the murders of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.
    But they were also very creative years, we have to remember Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Kerouac, BB King, and many others.
    And they were also the years of the space heroes like John Glenn or Neil Armstrong.
    And were the years of the hippie movement that forever left ideals of peace and respect for Nature, the struggle for civil rights who taught us that any discrimination violates human rights. Excuse me my English learner

  3. hachim says:

    i saw the vidio in this lesson .but we cant blame only us about wars. what about sovit uonion and china and nort vitnam . these communist regimes wasnt peace regimes and fighted to spread its communist thoughts.and we must dont forgot freanch position which occupated vitnam before american itrfered and became the strongest in blamed american position.

  4. khamphoungeun says:

    I don’t like the war. I hate it and I against the war
    because the war make people dies

  5. mohamed eltahir says:

    Thanks friend for notice iam going to take this advence .

  6. Jayantha says:

    Very good things to improve our knowledge

  7. mohamed eltahir says:

    there compulsory military service in my country it take two year at least because the war flaming in severa district in that case the southe sudan seperated from nourth in the firestjanuary 2011 . there is other region the war continue in it . the fighte is not the track that is make peace . we are said there is no enemies we are all frined we must work an share all the resours . but the regim covernment refused all the resolve we are submit to him . but we stil to word of the war .

    • behzad says:

      you would better to care for your word dictation and try to be careful in writing and alwayse revise it. but about compulsory military service i’m for you and your group who try to emmit the war & be benevalent for their country and select the peaceful soloutions for subsiding critics or prehibit country polarisation.any way,I believe it’s better to delete the compulsory issues if we want to improve.

  8. Katya says:

    Happy New Year everybody!!!
    I’m against the wars!!!…and I really don’t know how is possible that nowadays we speak about the war like something that is part of our life!!
    I don’t know anybody who likes the wars…., but the wars are fact….. It’s terrible!

  9. Abba says:

    my situation in my Country very bad since i was born until now too much war every time war never it be safety and never i see my land safety when i was there until i leave it are know why that because the oil or bad Government or cures from god for my Country don’t believe finish the war and start again quickly how much like see my land be safety same another Country’s but it only dreaming i am long time i have been live far a way from my Country but still i am homesick can’t forget my place when i was grow up there and can’t forget my family and my friend’s and my lovely dreaming girl’s i be in love with her but i don’t know what happen to her get married may be and have kid’s but still i am dreaming on her thank’s good luck for every one

    • hachim says:

      hello Abba _ where are yoy from. the war is bad thing .all nations had wars from the bigining the history , no nation has a history without war .but in this age the human must be more unit and invite abenefe modren method to prevent wars. and get t from our history,can we go without wars?.are all wars without beneft? i think sometimes the war bring beneft such as when the world loss a bad dictator such as algathafi and saddam……..please tell me my mistakes in language and subject>

  10. ELSIDDIG AHMED says:


  11. Krasy says:

    Dear all,
    Happy new 2012 year. I believe that 2012 will be year without wars. A lot of us hate the war. Let’s bring love everywhere.
    My name is Krasy, and I am from Bulgaria. I realy want to improve my English. I love to talk about sewing, beautiful home made things, nature and animals.
    Thank you

  12. waleed says:

    thanks for u support us to improve our level in english .. we used to received u gifts and we will wait it … thanks again

  13. Sami Emara says:

    Hi. I’m Egyptian,39 old. I’m working in a cement company as a PR Manager. so it’s very important to speak English fluently. Really I’m iteresting in learning English to speak as antive american spearkers. it’s very nice and useful to get a partener to help each of us to achieve what we need.
    Please talk me!
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  14. eny rosiati says:

    I agree with american people who protest the war in vietnam.they should not go to hell.they love peace.

  15. eny rosiati says:

    Hi….humaira I eny from Indonesia. I am learning english too. I think we have same problem in English. I always feel anxious when meeting with a native speaker and talk to her, because I feel my english is not good, but I tried to convince myself that I could. when I watch English language television shows, only a few that I can understand. but I tried to talk with native speakers and practice English. I feel a lot of progress in problem vocabulary, listening and certainly confidence stronger.the only thing you have to do is listen the English language sentence. either through caset, television, or anything what you can the way where do you come from? would you like to practice your english with me? please send me email to you get what you want be success in 2012. happy new year….!!!!!!!

  16. exequiel says:

    thank you so much sir.sori i cant answer the question that you give me.about the water car,its difficult for the i still studying from your different story.because i want to have a good speaker in english coversation.thats why i continious to learned.good bless.

  17. humaira yoohaniz says:

    Dear sir!I hope you are fine and thanks for your helping to me for studing English.I wana share one think with you, when you speaking English and teaching English I know all of words when you used during your talking…But when i see English movies, cortons, news and etc… on that time I just know 20 percent of them, why I cant get all of them ? please show me the way how can I prove my listing and getting the meaning of them ? thanks.

  18. humaira yoohaniz says:

    Thank you so much sir!

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