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in the back
in the front

Compare these:

a back seat
a front seat

You can analyse “back” and “front” as adjectives or as nouns. Do you know about compound nouns (two nouns together)?

driving back from
driving to
driving through

These are not adjectives. “Back”, “to” and “from” are prepositions here.

the old heritage village
the new shopping village

Have you noticed how the word “village” has come to mean just a bunch of shops?

old – new
old – young

One pair is for buildings. One pair is for people.

It was really nice
It was awful
it was terrible
it was horrible

Was Mark happy to meet Peter’s sister?

a very very special guy
a complete fool

Which one was it?

That’s right.
That’s not right at all.
That is completely wrong.

Was it right?

really nice
really awful

How was it?

Oh fantastic!
Oh No!

Was it good or bad?

I am so glad to hear it.
I am so sorry to hear that!

How did he feel?

a very very nice person
a really awful person

very calm and gentle
very exciting and upbeat

Do you prefer calm, gentle people or exciting upbeat people?

Pairs of Opposites


She is a great person.
He is a complete waste of time.

Everybody is nice here.
Everybody is so nasty here.

Which one did you hear?

This is such a great place.
This is such an awful place.

I am just so happy to be alive.
I am sorry I was born.


free accommodation
reasonably-priced accommodation
very expensive accommodation
luxury accommodation

an excellent job
a well-paid job
quite a well paid job
a pretty good job
a poorly paid job
a really badly paid job – a really low paid job
a shit job

Talking about Work

Have you got a job?
Do you think we should change the way we think about employment .. in this global era?

Is it difficult to find a job in your city?

What is the unemployment rate?
What is the local rate?
What is the national rate?
Is there a shortage of work?
Is it impossible to find a job?
Is it impossible for everybody to find a job?

Can you answer all of these questions?
Read more and write your answers at The Work Page

Places to Live

a nice place to live
a safe place to live
a cheap place to live
a quiet place to live
an interesting place to live
a great place to live
a good place to live

Do you have a nice room? Tell us about your room.

pretty good – not very good
really good – pretty bad
awesome – terrible

very close to mine
very far from mine

It’s empty.
It’s full.
It’s vacant.

Look at these opposites:

very kind
very cruel

“Cruelty” and “kindness” are nouns.

very generous
very stingy

Are you stingy sometimes?

clean sheets on your bed
dirty sheets on your bed

Are there clean sheets on your bed?

the most exquisite garden
the wildest most unkempt garden

Look at this scale:

You are kind.
You are very kind.
You are too kind.

Look at this pair of synonymous phrases:

Everybody has been so good to me.
Everybody has been so nice to me.

I am overwhelmed.
I am spun out.

Do crowds spin you out?

It is so beautiful.
It is so ugly.

which one did you hear?

You are such a great guy!
You are such an awful person!

Do you know your Comparative Forms?


Is your mother the kindest person you have ever met?


What is the best place to live?

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