The Story of America – the Sixties – The Vietnam War

Read about these historical topics and incidents at Wikipedia:

The Vietnam War
Kent State
the military industrial complex
Smedley Butler
the peace movement

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Why do we never get an answer?
Why do we not ever receive an answer?
How come we never get an answer?
How come we don’t get an answer?
Why are we not entitled to an answer?
How is it that we are not entitled to an answer?
How is it that they are not entitled to an answer?

What does the term “us and them” mean to you?

a thousand questions
a million questions
a thousand million questions
millions of questions
many many questions

Do you have an inclusive view of things or an “us and them” view of things?

This video contains historical footage. Can you work out what happened and where it happened?

Have you seen the History and Geography Page?

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34 Responses to “The Story of America – the Sixties – The Vietnam War”

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  1. paitoon says:

    my uncle has died in this war. he has one daughter and was not seen her face, and now she has one picture , she can see and know this is my father

  2. nguyen thi chung says:

    I am Vietnamese.Thank for your sharing. I am very proud of our victory in the war. However, I know that the war robbed the right to live of Vietnamese and American people. No happiness is completed in war for both sides.

  3. kathy says:

    Thanks a lot….

  4. Mohamed says:

    the web site is wonderful, 1 question why i can not load the vedeo?

  5. muntsa lacima riba says:

    All generations remember a particular wat. This was mine. I was living in London when it finished in 1973 and my English teacher ,an Irish woman of 72, and I started dancing like mad, when we got the news

  6. nguyenthithuyha says:

    I was curious when i saw the title of this lesson. i wanted to know what foreigners think about Vietnam war.I’m Vietnamese. my ancesters had to struggle for independence nowaday. I proud of my country’s history. there are a lot of blood & tear from both side for that meaningless war. i hope that everyone, every country lives in peace; no war, no violence.
    Thank you for useful lessons!

  7. saeid says:

    thanks for learn English

  8. Adelina says:

    Thank you for your information, Ithink this is a good way to know about what happened in that country, What awful it was I beg our God, It doesn´t happen again, and the peace stay in our countries, and by other hand, I thank you for your attention and send me this very interesting lesson.

  9. Ahmed says:

    Thanks for this Email

    I am convinced that the USA is the first terrorist in the world.

  10. iqbal says:

    I just want to say thank’s for this mail for me,
    I hope can improve my listening, speaking and all
    about english. I’m very proudly of it.

  11. lazraq fatima ezzahra says:

    dear friend,
    thanks for you’re intresting conversation it was so astonishing,important and amazing ,i got very good ideas about Vietnam war so thanks

  12. Ravi says:

    Thanks a lot….

  13. we already established English Lab and want to purchase some more material to enhance English compensation please advise the items and subject material and cost of the items in indian rupess.

  14. Nguyen Thi Khang says:

    Thank you for sending me emails and links to your English lessons/videos. Honestly, I have been too busy at work and at home, so I haven’t had watching the videos and learned English for a long time. However, when I was checking mails I marked your email about Vietnam war with red flag to follow up. Do you know why? The answer is I am from Vietnam and I am curious about the lesson made by foreigners about Vietnam war. It is objective? It is true? And now I must to say:” thank you very much for your time, for your great spirit to gather war photos for making valuable videos as a part of your teaching”. I have just read all comments above. Thank you all for your good comments and your interest in Vietnam war. I hate war. My aunt had been waiting for her husband – a soldier for 16 years. He had returned from the war. But it was a rare luck. In Vietnam war many children lost their parents, many women lost their beloved husbands, brothers, fathers, children… Today when my children watching terrible wars around the world, they always ask me ” why people from some countries come to other countries and bomb, kill civilian people?”. I love peace and happy to live in peace. I pray for people suffering any kind of war in the world.

    Thank you again. Wishing you a good health and fullness of energy to make so many great lessons.

  15. rozy says:

    I am really happy for receiving this type of message on my mail .alot of thanks to this website for improving my english . . your supports is well appreciated

  16. aziz shiekh says:

    really i like it toooooo much

  17. leila says:

    Hi . I had not time to listen new topic , but this title make me sad.

  18. Kim says:

    I understand. this was the war in my country-Vietnam. Im lucky because i am not at this war. things my ancestors devoted to save this country are invaluable. thanks for send me email.

  19. it’s said,it’s bad..but you e mail make me happy.
    thanks for all your very kind.

  20. saul says:

    in war is never won only lost, so it is not good. thanks for the teaching

  21. khidir says:

    thanks for informations.

  22. Montaser says:

    Its very bad history for leaders of USA , A lot of people were died from both sites as a result of wrong decision , Seems no body learned from the past so same story repeated again in Iraq with millions of victims just to gain oil which is exist in gulf area

  23. huyennguyen says:

    yes, it had been a very tired and also very, very sad war because many Vietnamese people had laid down for our freedom today.
    hope that from now on, no one has to die due to standing up for their own freedom; because each person has his/ her own right to live in peace and happiness when he/she was born.

  24. mohamed eltahir says:

    The peace movement, he had abig roll in that time. and make people thinking about the meaning of this word (war). there weren’t any mean for that was happen . really iam at lose. those time in history it’s creation many of movements all of those were require peacefully. but indepens defferent instrument implement like singing .

  25. Ashok Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks your kind to learn English.


  26. Hoang says:

    Thanks a lot for this movie!
    I come from Vietnam, so I feel very sad when thinking about the war (not just in Vietnam, but also anywhere in the world). Fortunately, the relationship between Vietnam and the United States was much more better than that before. Anyway, the film is an very usefulEnglish practice!

  27. josé luiz says:

    it’s very sad, but it’s a excellent learning.

    thank you by documentary

    A HAG!

  28. leandra says:

    This video is full of sadness. I think that all wars take destruction, death, violence and there isn’t a good reason to justify the act of war.I believe that every war is in the name of money, of business.When the politicals say that the war is in the name of civilization, this is a lie for masking the true reason of war: money.

  29. exequiel says:

    im so very happy with this english coversation.thats help me to use to my everyday working at as a security our conversation is english this is my main idea thats why i need to learned english conversation.thanks a lot.

  30. Kader says:

    It has been really tired war.

  31. Irfan says:

    Very nice site for improving eng.

  32. DAMAS says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am very happy to receive this message from you, I am student in the first year in RWANDA, and very happy to continue with you in this program. I would write so many thanks to you.


  33. natu says:

    i like this website

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