Witnesses to the Events of the Great Depression


Can you complete the transcript? Use the phrases and notes to help you understand

the joy that you find here, you borrowed
you cannot keep it long ….

dance along
the boulevard of broken dreams

Place Names

Pennsylvania – a State in the USA, near New York


We resented the circumstances …
We did not like the situation ..

resent – resentment

Phrases about Necessity

You just have to go on. That is all there is to it
You just have to keep going. That is all there is to it.

Which one did you hear?

Sure it makes people stronger
Yeah it makes people stronger

(What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger)

self-sufficiency and self-reliance
being independent
being self-reliant
being self-sufficient

going through those times made us all stronger and better
going through that made us all stronger and better

stronger – weaker
better – worse


so you depended on the store and you got the staples that you needed and you lived a frugal life and we got on very nicely then it started back to work


The New Deal

The New deal was an employment and development program which was started by the Roosevelt government to take America out of the Depression.

Memories and Attitudes

A memory is a picture of a sequence of events.

An attitude is the opinion which comes from seeing those events.

memories and attitudes

alive and well in the minds of Pennsylvania residents
still surviving in the minds of Pennsylvania residents

Pennsylvania is a State in the US.

It made people reconsider the value of a dollar
it made people reconsider the value of a Euro

What is a dollar worth in the currency of your country?

the name of it was “survival”
we had to survive
you had to survive
everybody had to survive

Looking back …
In retrospect …

in retrospect you tend to think of conditions in …


there were births
there were marriages
there were occasions for joy

Young People – Conditionals

If you told young people today, I don’t think ..
I don’t think they could handle it as well as we did.

The Stock Market Crash

when the stock market crashed, I knew people who jumped out and committed suicide
I knew people who jumped from buildings and killed themselves

they couldn’t take it
they couldn’t bear it
they couldn’t handle it
they couldn’t stand it


the sad part about it today is …
the sad part about it then was …

Which one did you hear?

if it gets rough …
if things get tough ..

… a civil war …
… an overseas war …

I don’t know …
I wouldn’t know …

but there is going to be a lot of people; they won’t be able to take it
but there will be a lot of people who won’t be able to handle it

to go from what they have today down to nothing
to go from what they have down to having nothing

that is exactly what it would be
that is just what it would be

then there would be … probably a revolt
then there might be … maybe a revolt

a revolt
a rebellion
a revolution


guts – abdomen – stomach

people don’t have the guts anymore
people don’t have the strength anymore

… that is the only thing I can tell you …
… that is all I can tell you …

“Guts” means “courage, strength and endurance” in this context.

Link to more historical video of the Great Depression

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