The Story of America – The Great Depression

The Great Depression began with The Wall Street Crash in 1929.

Have you ever bought stocks?


This video has images of that period and traditional music.

Can you make out the words of the song?

Rang dang dilly dang kow hee (a nonsense phrase)

Play on Little Tom Play on He!

Went to the house to get ..

He winked at me and I winked at him

Play on Tom …

I went to the house to get my gun

I first …

Olay on ..

Shot that hawk and I missed my mark

I shot my black …

clean to the heart

Rang Dang Dilly Dang Kow Hee

it’s under the house

play on

call little Bill

hangin’ on my…

This number is Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek …

goin’ down to Cripple Creek

goin’ on a run

goin’ down to Cripple Creek

to have some fun

goin’ down to Cripple Creek to see my girl

roll my britches to my knees

Britches – Trousers – Long Pants

Who wears the trousers in your family?
Do you wear shorts in Summer?

shorts – short pants
trousers – long pants
undies – underpants

This video tells the story of the great depression in images and with text. You can pause the video to write vocabulary items in your personal notebook.

You don’t have a notebook?
You are learning English and you don’t have a vocabulary notebook?
Get one!
Get one now!

to devastate – to destroy
devastation – destruction

I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about …

… what the next step is going to be …

Link to video of Witnesses to the Great Depression

Have you seen the History and Geography Page?

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  2. Martin says:

    Thanks for info from master english 2012.I like very much

  3. Abba says:

    hello how’s doing every one Great material and fantastic information about America Great depression but now i want talking few minutes about Middle East depression too in Sudan and Somal and Egypt too much people very poor and not found some thing’s to eating but Arabic Gulf very Rich and not help them look how much people went to Mecca every year may be more than 6 million’s every one have one sheep how Many sheep there 6 Million’s or more but Saudi Arabia Goverment not give this sheep to poor Country because don’t like the price be low Saudi Goverment put it underground i am thought it not fair and unjust and immoral should give it sheep to Africa or Indnosia or Phlpino or others poor Country if them don’t do that must go to Court because waste the food im thinking it good idea good luck for all student improving English

  4. Rochman says:

    Thanks you about all this, very useful

  5. muntsa lacima riba says:


  6. Robert says:

    Thank you for very interesting material of the Great Depression.
    These films give much of thinking.
    People of the Contemporary Western World nothing know what is really Crisis.
    Do not suffer from hunger/thousands of tons daily food are in a basket of rubbish/. The care for the unemployed survive allows time for finding another job.
    I was about five years without job and I know what I say.
    Tuday Great Crisis is rather human psyche in this field. People want more money than they need to life.

    Have a Great Day . Robert.


    • Mark White says:

      Lots of wards?
      Hospital wards?
      Are you ok?
      Is everything ok?
      I hope you are ok.
      Your intestine?
      Is it your intestine?
      The intestine ward?
      The intestinal ward?
      The ward for stomach and intestinal surgery?
      You are having an operation?
      I will be right there!

      You mean “words”, right?

      It is interesting to learn new words.
      It is interesting to learn new ideas.

      It is not interesting to stay in a hospital ward.
      It is not interesting to have an operation on your intestine.
      It is scarey!



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