The History of Universal City – The Ooze


People did not pay much attention to the Ooze at first.

pay a lot of attention
not pay much attention

It came out in various places and people did not realize they were connected.

they are connected
they were connected

Then it all came out at once and that was the beginning of the Disaster.

at once
at the same time
in the same moment

The Ooze was poison and Universal City started to sink into the Ooze.

began to sink
began to float

Everybody in Universal City had to build up.

had to
was required to
was forced to

It changed life on planet Earth.

life on earth
life under the earth

Everything was sinking.

sinking – floating

In the middle of the century there was a mining disaster.

at the beginning of the century
in the middle of the century
at the end of the century

The Universal Ooze started to flow.

started to flow
did not stop flowing

Watch this historical video:


Questions about the Ooze

What language are the people speaking?
Can you see the roofs of the submerged houses.
Can you see corrugated iron roofs from old style houses?
Can you see any cement apartment buildings?
What year do you think it is?
How deep do you think the Ooze is at this stage?


Universal City
Universal Ooze

The Effects of the Ooze

1. Poison

The Ooze is poison.

The Ooze poisoned the earth so it was not possible to grow food in the ground anymore.

2. Food

Food has to be grown in hydroponic tanks raised up from the ground, because of the poisonous ooze that covers the earth.

Have you ever grown vegetables in a tank of water?

Universal City began to sink.

Have you ever been on a sinking ship?

Living with the Ooze

In the beginning there was chaos.
There was panic.
There was mayhem.

The city was sinking.

Politicians did not know what to do.
The military did not know what to do.
The police did not know what to do.
The people did not know what to do.

Nobody knew what to do.

It was industrial and business leaders who stepped in to solve the problem.

Rupert Crowe and the Universal Cement Company

Rupert Crowe is the engineer who is credited with designing the vertical system that launched Universal City above the Ooze.

Rupert Crowe is the inventor who is credited with designing the vertical system that launched Universal City above the Ooze.

Rupert Crowe is the entrepreneur who is credited with designing the vertical system that launched Universal City above the Ooze.

Are you an inventor?

He founded the Universal Cement Company.
He established the Universal Cement Company.

Have you ever worked for a construction company?

The Universal City Cement Company built the pillars that Universal City is founded on.
The Universal Cement Company built the pillars on which Universal City is founded.

Rupert Crowe’s ingenuity is responsible for the world we live in today and tonight.

(on planet earth, if you are talking to everybody, it is always “today and tonight” somewhere)

Economic History – The Universal Cement Company

Rupert Crowe was an inventor and entrepreneur who owned a construction company. The Dutch engineer and inventor designed the Universal Pillars which hold Universal City up above the Ooze. Engineers are constantly rebuilding and maintaining the basic system that he designed over a hundred years ago.

The Universal Cement Company was a private company in the beginning then it was taken over by the Universal City Government as a City Infrastructure Resource,

which is managed on the principles of:

Hard Work
Good Cement
An Incentive Scheme
Top Down Maintenance

which are the principles that Rupert Crowe used to set up the Universal Cement Company.

What are the principles that you live by?


Link to audio of questions

Where did the ooze come from?

What caused the Disaster?

What were the effects of the Disaster?

How did people grow food before the disaster?

How did they grow it after the disaster?

Who designed the Four Pillars?

What are the Four Pillars?

Have you seen the History and Geography Page?

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    Indinosia there were the desaster happend it,it was so mesrible, people was died and the structures were fell, houses were submerged the earth was coverd by poisond ,due dirling even thougte people thier knew the consequent the world pay alot attention to people there and submit alot of things since evacuated operation and relife , food, medicana and rehabilitation that was grow up by some company.

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    The Nevado del Ruiz is a Volcano located on the border of Caldas and Tolima in Colombia. On November 1985 Nevado Del Ruiz erupted ejecting a big amount of different poisoned matirials, the eruption produced pyroclastic flows that melted summit glaciers and snow, generating thick mudflow. One of the lahars erased the town of Armero in Tolima. It was the Colombia’s worst natural disaster.
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    I am living in Hungary,in the middle of Europa.Here is no sea or volcano.
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    ground.Fortunately it rarely happens to us.

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