The Story of America – the Sixties – Alan Ginsberg

ginsberg by gatewood

Alan Ginsberg was an important figure in the Sixties social revolution. He was a major figure in the Beat generation.

It beat me.

I was all beat up.

I was just beaten by it all man.

Bitten …. by the beat.

the beat man

dig that beat….

I was just beat

this is the beat generation

The poet, Alan Ginsberg and Neal Cassidy at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco

Look at the phrases and their variations.

Airline Travel

March 7th back to school
May 7th back to work

Do you have a job?

on BOA plane leaving airport
on BOA arriving at airport

Have you flown with British Airways?

British Overseas Airline Company (BOAC was the former name of British Airways)

fine day in LA
rainy day on BOA

How old were you when you first flew?


the communists have nothing to offer but …

nothing but ….

the communists create heavy industry

Do you live near an industrial area?

heavy industry
light industry

the heart is also heavy

in the future
in the future


but now drink vodka
and lament the security forces

the capitalists drink gin and whisky

An Old Paradigm

Russia – America and Britain
Vodka – Whiskey and Gin
Communist – Capitalist

the just man is arrested

the cigarette cough of the just man above the clouds in the bright sunshine is a salute to the health of the blue sky …

The Czech Republic

There are many references to:

the Czechoslovakian tongue
Prague airport
Czechoslovakian detectives
Kafka – Kafka was a Czech writer

I was arrested in Prague.

Have you ever been arrested?



Being Sent Somewhere

I was sent from Havana by plane.
I was sent from Havana by boat.

by detectives in green uniforms
by detectives in suits

an image that refers to a painting …

Card players out of Cezanne …
Poker players out of Cezanne …

Cezanne was a French painter.

A Character in A Kafka Story

Joseph K

They examined my scribbles (my writings)
They examined what I wrote
They examined what I had written

The King and the Kingdom

The King and the Kingdom are Poetic devices to describe Seasonal rituals in traditional European culture.

I am the King of May

which is the power of sexual view

I am the king of May

Types of Hair

the long hair of Adam and the beard of my own body

the beard and moustache
the pubic hair
the underarm hair
the leg hair
the facial hair

the hair and beard

Listen to the rhythm ..

Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel

old human poetry

I am the King of May
I am the Queen of June

in a few minutes I will arrive at
in a few minutes we will arrive at

we have just arrived at
when are we going to arrive at ..?

Syncretic View of Religious Experience

as I am of Slavic parentage and a Buddhist Jew
who worships the sacred heart of Christ,
the blue body of Krishna,
the straight back of Ram,
the beads of Jango the Nigerian,
singing “Shiva Shiva”
in a manner I have invented …

and the King of May
is a middle European honour!

… despite spaceships and a time machine

I am the King of May that sleeps with you!

the kingdom of May is too beautiful to last for more than a month

Description of the Landing of an Aeroplane at London Heathrow Airport

in a great jet plane

touching Albion’s shores

Albion is the poetic name of Britain

shakes and expels air

Did he fart?

rolls slowly to a stop

Do you like rock and roll?

… thus I have written this poem on a jet-seat in mid-heaven.

Have you ever written a poem?

William Burroughs talks about Ginsberg

his father disapproved of me
his mother approved of me

he thought of me as a decadent millionaire
she thought of me as a decadent playboy

or something like that
or something like this

at that time Alan was still in the grip of …

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