Easy English 142 – Work Ethics – The Four Pillars

Hard Work
Good Cement
An Incentive Scheme
Top Down Maintenance

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The First Pillar

1. Life is hard. Nothing comes easily.

life is easy – life is hard
life is long – life is short

some things

easily – with difficulty

with difficulty
with some difficulty
with great difficulty

The Second Pillar

2. If we work together, we can solve our problems but if we stand alone, we are nothing.

my problem
my problems

your problem
your problems

our problem
our problems

identify our problems
solve our problems

can solve
cannot solve
could solve
could not solve

stand alone
stand together
stand up

something – anything

The Third Pillar

3. There has to be a reward for our hard work. There has to be a scale and a system and a hierarchy to reward the highest achievers.

a reward
an incentive
some form of compensation

a scale
a system
a hierarchy
a hierarchical system
a sliding scale

to reward
to compensate
to placate
to satisfy

to achieve
high achievers
average performers
more average performers
those whose performance are not so high
those whose achievements are not so high

The Fourth Pillar

4. There has to be concern to include everybody because the hierarchical system is built on people below, just as the upper levels of Universal City are built on the lower levels of Universal City. If the bottom falls, the top must fall.

Verb Phrases

there has to be
there should be
there must be
there ought to be

Noun Phrases

people below
the people below
people above
the people above
people inside
the people inside
people outside
the people outside

the upper levels
the middle levels
the lower levels

Logic – if – then

the bottom
the top

if, … , …..
if … , then …

must fall
must rise

must go up
must come down

What goes up, must come down.


That is rubbish!
That is complete rubbish!
That is total rubbish!
That is absolute rubbish!

What do you think?

That is partially rubbish but there is some truth in there.

Write your answer in the comments section.

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