The History of Universal City – The Wall


There is a wall between the lowest level of Universal City and the Ooze.

there is
there is not

the highest level
the lowest level

No citizen of Universal City is allowed to go through the wall.

no citizen
each citizen
every citizen
all citizens

through the wall
around the wall
under the wall
over the wall

Only the TDM crews can go through the Wall to perform vital maintenance and construction to prevent Universal City from sinking into the Ooze.

construction and maintenance
maintenance and construction

to construct and maintain
to maintain and construct

There are no people on the other side of the Wall.

The Wall

going around it
going under it
going through it
going over it

Is there a wall in your life?

How do you get around it?

Are there people on the other side of the wall?

Top Down Maintenance

Top Down maintenance work is classified work. If you work for a Top Down maintenance crew, you will have to go through the Wall and work outside Universal City.

Have you ever been outside Universal City?

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A Warning from the Security Forces

Be sure not to break any security classification code orders. We don’t want to arrest you!

– the Security Forces

Working for the Top Down Maintenance Crews is difficult and dangerous work.

dirty work
difficult work
dangerous work

If you really think that you are cut out for the job, you can go to the Positions Vacant page and sign up for a job on a TDM crew but be warned! The work is difficult and dangerous.


cut out for the job
cut out for it

Are you cut out for it?


Link to Universal City – Positions Vacant

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