Easy English 130 – Present Perfect Tense PLUS Relative Clause


Have you ever had a job, where the job duty turned out to be different from the job description?

Have you … ?

a job
a task
employment (not “an employment”)
a deployment (military)

Relative Clause – Key Phrases

a job where
a job in which

Have you ever worked for a person who abused you?

it turned out differently
it didn’t turn out the way I thought
it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would turn out

Present perfect tense PLUS relative clause PLUS comparative phrase

Have you … ?
a job where
different from

the job duty turned outto be different from the job description

Comparative Phrases in a Scale

to be identical to
to be the same as
to be almost identical to
to be different from
to be a bit different from
to be vastly different from

different – same
different – the same
difference – sameness
a difference – a similarity

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