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have just come back to Japan
has recently come back
has never come back

Which one did you hear?

When did you come back?
When did she go away?

about two years ago
about three years ago
about ten years ago

in about two years
about two years ago

The first one is in the future.

not exactly yesterday
not exactly recently

Yesterday has a figurative meaning.

for half of my life
most of my life
all of my life

…so it was a long absence from my country.
a short absence from my country

I lived in San Francisco the longest.
I lived in Amsterdam the shortest

What is the longest time that you have been away from your country?

So when did you first go to San Francisco?
When did you last go to San Francisco?

When did you first leave your country?

I went to San Francisco in 1972
I went to San Francisco in 1982.
I went to San Francisco in 1992.

which year was it?

were you studying then
are you studying now?

Past or present?

…these times with the war
those times with the war

Is your country at war?

at that time
at the moment

The second one is present.

for the longest time
for a short time

when I first arrived there
when I initially arrived there

They have the same meaning.

by the time I left
by the time I arrived

three years ago
two years ago

for a while
for a short time
for a little while

for a longer period of time
for a shorter period of time

for about weeks
for about two months
for about two years

Two years?
Two days?
Two hours?

at the same time

a short history
a very short history
a long history

Are you interested in history?

when you were there
when I was there
when she was there

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