The People of Syria

There is all these different people in Syria.

There is (are) so many different people in Syria.

There is: the Christians … the Muslims.

There is the Druze

The Christians are orthodox .. a very ancient sect of christianity.

i guess the majority are the Sunni muslims who can be divided into ..

They are secularists.

They don’t believe in State run religion.

You have the secularist Sunni then you have the Muslim Brotherhood which are more in line with the Christian Democrats and they do want to see

and then you have the new

which is more commonly seen in Saudi Arabia.


the government is accused of nepotism when it comes to their sect

there are the Shias as well …we also have a small number of Shia

those are the religions

the Christians the Sunnis the Allawites and the

but there is also racial differences as well

you have the Levantian Syrian who some would call the Arabs but really the only real Arabs are the Gulf Arabs

Then you have the Turkmens

they identify with being Syrian more than with being Turkish

Syria is like all these other countries ..the borders were drawn up by colonial powerts.

Syria has a really long history.

We had to fight for every piece of our land to be reunited.

I can count my grandfather as being one of the people who fought against the French occupation.

Part of that was Lebanon.

Part of that was Palestine.

Maybe Palestine is a stretch.

Certainly Lebanon was part of it.

They still speak Aramaic in some cities in Syria.

I have been to one.

It is in Damascus in the old city.

They are very beautiful.