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  1. mohamed eltahir says:

    peace and justice they should go in a same truck, because peace based on justices as well as permanent peace ensuring their rights whether an economic or cultural ,that dosen’t mean halt justices supose all a countries act in order to catch him and brought him to fair trial.

  2. agt. says:

    I do not understand why the Vice President of that country had a meeting with that kind of criminal, instead to ask for help to arrest him to judge as he deserves, why to give him such importance? Is he fighting for the human rights? is he protecting the childhood? or women rights? though sometimes is not too easy to carry out those issues. Thank you very much for the lesson.

    • emad khater says:

      I think that there are political or economic motives behind these mysterious methods, unannounced and are discovered after a period of time

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