A Conversation in English between Russian Girls and Belgian Girls


It says:

“Speak and Understand.”

How old are you?

Since the twenty-fifth of July.

I am twenty-four.

Are you sisters?
No, we are not. (We are not sisters. Well, all women are sisters.) We are friends.

Do you study?

No, we don’t. We don’t study. We work. We have jobs. We have jobs in Belgium.

How do you like it here?

Do you mean the food?
Do you mean the people?
Do you mean the natural environment?
Do you mean the sky and the earth and the city?
Do you mean here or all of Russia?

Do you get me?
Do you understand me?

Yes, I do. I get you. I understand you.

You got me wrong.
You misunderstood me.

No, I didn’t. I didn’t get you wrong. I understood you.

Ouagadougou, Belgie.
Ouagadougou, Belgium (Africa)

Where do you live?