The Awakening – the Future

This video is for advanced level students but all levels can benefit from the notes and phrases below.

to awaken – to wake up

Time Phrases

in the twenty-first century
in the twentieth century
in the nineteenth century

the system
the system that we live in

corrupt – adjective
corruption -noun

Noun Phrase

psycho-paths and criminals

we let it continue
stop going along with it

Noun Phrase

non-compliance with the system

Present Participle

doing the right thing
being responsible for your thoughts
being responsible for your actions

your intentions


think humanitarianly
think economically

think humanitarianly rather than economically

something you know in your heart
something that you know in your heart

The Nature of Energy

be aware of the energy
the energy supply

this is truly how it works

the academic system


the whole spectrum
the visual spectrum
the spectrum of light
the spectrum of sound
the spectrum of people
the spectrum of ideas
the spectrum of opinions

each of these institutions
all of these institutions
most of these institutions
none of these institutions

acceptance of responsibility


act in a pro-active manner
act in a pro-active way
act pro-actively


utopian – dystopian

utopia – dystopia

God Satan

science galactic laws
Gods will


physical – physicality
spiritual – spirituality

laws that can be applied on a mechanical level
laws that can be applied on a physical level

feeling and emotion is the language by means of which man may communicate with the creator

the creator is the intelligence that underlies all
the creator is the intelligence that underlies everything

The first one is more poetic.

the creator
the one who creates
that which creates

it is in the plural

this is the nature of the divine matrix that connects all things, the consciousness of which we are all expressions

God lies within

every being is an eternal living expression of god

despite this our species is rampant with a vision of mistrust
despite this we all suffer from mistrust

the manufactured creation of an institutionailised society

man as a species has been shifted so far from ghis tryue centre

we have been trained to be totally dependent on the systerm

we have been trained to
we have been trained to


think critically
think objectively

Life skills

we have been robbed of our life skills

we are completely depemdent on a corrupt apapratus

that survival

yet we depend on it for our food our housing

it tells us what to

how to thinmk

and we obey it while the world around us israped

every supermarlet shel f in the world would be depleted in amatter of just three days.

the future we are allowing to be created

is not goijg to be a future

what is required

what is required to fix it


take control of your own life

Present Perfect Passive

We have been set up.


all of these mechanisms are merely different layers in the same onion

the bigger picture

a ruling blood-line

the Bavarian Illuminati

ritualistic worship of Amon-Ra

the upper echelons
the lower echelons


the ship of state
the ship of fools

control of resources
control of money
control of information

They control us. – We are controlled.

civilisations less advanced than our own
civilisations as advanced as our own
civilisations more advanced than our own

the legends of the American Indians
the legends of the Maya
the legends of the Australian Aboriginal

this is not by coincidence
this is not by chance

the deluge did occur

there was indeed an advanced civilisation which existed on this earth

Frequencies of Energy

the expression of ….

pure Christ consciousness

a state of apprehension
a state of fear
a state of excitement

violent upheavel
violent upheavals
a fearful perspective

remain centred in your heart

THose who are centred and who maintain a strong centre will easily survive in a very new and very different world.

Present Perfect Tense

The universe has been created by an intelligent mind.

Everything follows the path of sacred geometry.

It exists within plant life and nature,

It is quite literally everywhere …
the predictable mathematical steps

the Fibonacci series

All that actually exists is pure conscious energy and the stuff that this energy is made from is pure unconditional love.

Near Future – “about to”

The Earth and all that live on it are about to undergo changes.

Once you have gained knowledge …..

Once you have….
once you have ….
once you have ….

once you have
after you have
from the point that you have

what is there to hate
what is there to judge


move in to your heart

pure unconditional love
pure unsaturated fat

Embrace it.
Become it.

It is what you are made of.

It is what you are.

I love you all
I love all of you

We love you too.